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‘Facebook for Business’ Debuts? What Does It Mean?!

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The timing of the recent Facebook for Business launch is probably no coincidence.  Just as Google started taking down company profiles on Google+ for being against user policy, Facebook goes hard at the online business market with an official page offering guidance to small businesses.

The Facebook page doesn’t come with any new features.  It simply compiles a lot of step-by-step information to help start a basic, bare-bones social media campaign in one place; however, it seems the main purpose of the page is to show Facebook’s dedication to help businesses grow unlike the search giant’s current social media offerings. The Facebook Business page highlights starting pages, ads, sponsored stories, and platform building.

Google+ has said they are working on launching Google+ profiles for businesses in the future, but the current focus of the start-up site is for individual users.  They didn’t seem to anticipate the vast amount of business interest there would be from the start.

If nothing else, this seems to show that Facebook isn’t taking Google’s foray into social media lightly. The current social media leaders seem to be preparing for an inevitable battle down the road. No matter the outcome, your Utah social media experts will be leading you along the way.

by Kody Probst

Oozle Media Jul 28 2011
Categories: Social Media

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