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Bellus Beauty Academy

This case study talks about how this school is having its best year ever in 2016 for leads and enrollments!

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Case Study

Unique Auto Body

By optimizing local search, Oozle Media was able to help increase organic search traffic to the site.

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Case Study

Beeline Pest Control

Beeline Pest Control experienced a serious drop in organic search traffic in Jan. ’13 after leaving Oozle Media, only to climb the rankings again after returning to Oozle in 2014.

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Analysis and Planning

Before we can start a truly successful marketing campaign, we need to get to know you. During the first phase we’ll work with you, learning more about what makes your company unique, why customers choose you over your competitors, and what is really going to impact the bottom line. With our analysis we’ll identify any dangers in your current digital presence, and roadmap how to fix these issues in the next phase.

We’ll take a deeper look at how you’re doing already, what tactics your competitors are using, and what strategy is going to be the most effective in bringing you success. What we find will help us plan together the next phase.

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Setup and Cleanup Graphic

Setup and Cleanup

Building a solid foundation is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Before spending time and money on digital marketing, your house needs to be in order. The current state of your website and third party profiles will determine the setup and cleanup.

Any potential costly and dangerous issues on your site will be taken care of during the setup and cleanup. Resolving these issues before inviting people over to ensure when they do come over, they’ll like what they find. Don’t waste money bringing people to a website that’s not ready to convert or deliver accurate information. Dangerous issues on the site can cause people to get lost on their way to your website, even if they think they have the right address. We’ll help resolve these dangerous issues.

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Telling Your Story Graphic

Telling Your Story

Now that we’ve gotten to know you, and we’ve cleaned things up, it’s time to tell your story. Telling your story the right way is a crucial part of the process. While there may be many competitors in your industry, nobody does business quite like you. We’ll help you tell your unique story the right way.

Through text, video, and photography, we’ll help tell your story in a way that speaks to your target customer. With your input these messages will be a powerful tool for conversion.

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Amplifying Your Message Graphic

Amplifying Your Message

If a great story falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it… it doesn’t make a sound. What’s the purpose of a great story if it never reaches anybody? We’ll help stretch the reach of your story further.

Through social media and other platforms, our team will help you reach the right audience. We’ll help you spread awareness and turn leads into conversions.

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