Integrated Digital Marketing

“We want to work with you to create custom digital marketing strategies that get more leads, close more sales and turn your customers into advocates.”

Dave Smith, COO Oozle Media

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Leads Are Only the Beginning

Oozle Media knows that generating more leads is the reason most companies hire a marketing agency. Between our paid ad management, referrals and unique SocialSEO product, we work with you to turn your business into a lead generation machine. But we don’t stop there. We believe in a holistic digital marketing approach, weaving your marketing efforts into your business so that you close more deals and turn your happy customers into advocates.

Social & SEO: If you’re not doing them together, you’re doing it wrong.

“The only difference between a great SEO campaign and a great social media campaign is what you call it.” -David Smith, COO.

Both SEO and social media boil down to telling your story to a relevant audience through the best content. We put in the extra effort to make sure these 2 juggernauts are working together.

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Smarter PPC, Better Clicks, Less Money

PPC is a numbers game. You want more clicks, that convert at a higher rate, for the lowest price possible. Our seasoned PPC veterans win this numbers game through a combination of conversion-ready landing pages, A/B testing and cutting-edge software that does the work of hundreds of people.

Encouraging & Tracking your Best Lead Source

The best leads for your business are the friends and family of your current customers. Oozle helps you develop measurable programs that track and reward your customers when they refer your company through social media interactions and day to day conversations.

Our tools to get more leads: SocialSEO PPCMarketing Referrals
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The number of leads you get is less important than the number of leads you close

Oozle Media believes in growing your business, not just with more leads but through higher conversion rates. That means strategies that go beyond website traffic and extend into how your business handles leads. Our tools and services help you track your staff, then train them to close more leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Oozle’s Design and Web Development team are masters of creating websites that look great, rank well, format on all devices and most importantly, convert.

This could be your best investment

We’ve been in business for over 8 years now, and we’re still hearing “I’m not sure if that advertisement is working or not”. Seriously?!

It’s 2014, and if you want to KNOW, then you need call tracking! Not just any call tracking – you need one where your calls are listened to and sorted into leads and non-leads.

Turning CSRs into Closers

If you cringe at the thought of what your customers service representatives are saying to your clients, you need our help.

Our professionals train your client-facing staff on how to lose fewer leads, close more deals and get your customers to participate in your on-going marketing initiatives, such as leaving reviews.

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Encouraging & Tracking your Best Lead Source

The friends and family of your current customers are the best leads for your business. Oozle helps you develop measurable programs that track and reward your customers when they leave you online reviews, refer your company through social media, or share your business with their friends and family members through day to day interactions.

Not only do these efforts create additional leads you weren’t getting before, but referrals from customers close at an exceptionally high rate. It’s the right way to be doing business.

Turn 5 Star Service into 5 Star Reviews

Have your customer tell your story for you

Putting a Megaphone in Front of Your Message

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