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Charter School Marketing

The demand for charter schools is growing across the country. With data about student performance becoming more available, it’s easier for parents to make the choice about their child’s education.

In fact, Data First (from the Center for Public Education) reports, “On average, nationally, students in 17 percent of charter schools performed significantly better than if they had attended their neighborhood traditional public school.”

You want to be the first charter school that hits their radar when it comes time to choose a school. What better place to be than the internet? Majority of people turn to Google when it comes to doing research on most big life decisions, like education. With a seasoned marketing company, you could be the first school to show up on Google!

Why Choose Oozle Media for Your Charter School Marketing?

With other marketing companies, it would be easy to use your marketing budget inefficiently. With Oozle Media you can trust that our experience in education marketing will reign supreme when it comes to using your marketing dollars in the right ways.

Education Specialists

We’ve been in the education space for over eight years now. We know what it takes for a school to attract the RIGHT students to join their school population. It can be a disadvantage to you to choose to work with a marketing company who shows off great work in OTHER industries, but when it comes to charter schools, you should choose someone who has experience in education. Agencies that specialize get better results. That’s just the reality of it! At Oozle Media we pride ourselves in understanding compliant marketing that gets you quality leads.

Proven Results

When considering a marketing company, you’ll want to check out examples of their work, but you’ll also want to explore proven results for schools like yours. Here are a few things you’ll learn from pushing for the proof:

  • If they can actually attract quality leads
  • If they understand your type of school and what good marketing for your school looks like
  • If they can use all forms of marketing effectively for a holistic approach
  • What they report on and how

The only way to see what a marketing company can do is to look at what they’ve done in the past.

How Do We Do It?

It might sound eclectic, but we believe in a holistic marketing approach. That means we understand how Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), organic social media, social media ads, and even your website work together to create a well rounded marketing strategy.

At Oozle Media we’ve created a one-stop shop for all the things that you need for your charter school marketing. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get an expert working on your campaign.

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