Call Tracking

One of the most common questions our clients ask is, “How will I know if my marketing efforts are working?”

That’s a great question, and call tracking can be part of the answer. In addition to the way we report web leads, we offer call tracking as a service. Having the ability to track and reviews calls is integral for any business that has a phone.

What Is Call Tracking?

Wondering how call tracking works? It’s simple: we link whatever number your leads call most to a tracking number. Then, we place that number in specific places. We may have several call tracking numbers across a variety of places including ads, your website, or even your social media profiles.

How Does That Help With Marketing?

The tracking numbers are attached to software that records the calls. You’ll have access to the info and so will we! The software dashboard allows everyone on your marketing team to review the calls, see how many came in, and even see how long calls lasted.

What Else Can It Report?

Calls are reviewed by real humans who can help categorize calls from real leads and calls from spam.

CSR or Admissions Specific Numbers

If you have more than one customer service rep (CSR) or admissions team member who answers your phones, you can get data per person.

Optimal Call Times

Based on when leads are calling, our software can report back the times of day when leads are most likely to call and when they’re most likely to covert.

Add Call Tracking to Your Marketing Efforts!

It’s time to see how your sales, CSRs, or admissions team are converting leads who are calling you!

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