Call Tracking and Call Measurement

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There’s an old saying from the early 1900s about advertising that is attributed to the marketing pioneer John Wanamaker. He said,

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”
– John Wanamaker

It’s been over 100 years since that was said, and we’re still hearing, “I’m not sure if that advertisement is working or not.” Seriously!? We’ve come so far, and there’s no excuse for not knowing which marketing efforts are bringing you results. What most of these business owners don’t know is that there is an easy way to go about determining what advertisements are driving new business. It’s called call tracking.

More Than Call Numbers

Oozle Media call tracking allows you to make decisions on more than just the number of calls. We take it to the next level with a full suite of tools designed to give you actionable information to help you run your business.

Human Categorization of Calls

We can tell you if it was a quality call, if you booked or sold the call, and if it reached the right person.

Per CSR Rep Analytics

Our dashboard breaks down your call statistics so that you can compare the different members of your team. This give you the ability to reward your top performing reps and identify the problem areas that need training.

Call Tracking Integration With Your SEO Efforts

Call tracking done wrong can negatively effect your local SEO results. Luckily, when you work with Oozle, you’re working with a team with 8 years of local SEO experience. We are well aware of the pitfalls of using call tracking on your websites, Google, and citation sources.

Industry Comparisons

Our system lets you know how you compare to your competition. Chances are your business is not the only one we’ve helped. Our system tells you how you stack up against others in your same industry.

Call Tracking Add Ons

Tracking Down to the Keyword

With tools like Google Analytics integration and Dynamic Number Insertion, we can make sure we know which numbers are driving you business, and with PPC we can even track the phone call down to the keyword someone used to search for your business, letting you optimize to get smarter clicks.

Sales Script Building & Phone Sales Training

Do you know there’s a problem with how your team answers the phone train your customer facing team? Don’t worry, we’ve got years of experience training sales and customers service reps. Our experienced team can help you develop a strategy that closes more leads and books more appointments.

Warm Lead Pursuit

Have more leads than you can follow up on? Our dedicated team can call back your warm leads and turn them into new business for you.

After Hours Answering

Your customers’ needs don’t end at 5pm. Don’t waste your after hours calls. Businesses who add after hours call answering increase the leads they book by 20%, just by answering the phone after hours. Learn more about our after-hours call booking.