Our Company

The Founding

Oozle Media was founded in 2007 by Scott Linford and Travis Ashby. The company’s roots were established in helping businesses track their marketing efforts and determining their ROI through call tracking, call recording, analytics and other tracking services. After placing thousands of call tracking lines in every type of marketing medium (phone books, mailers, online, etc.), Oozle gained invaluable data and insight into what was actually working for businesses and what wasn’t. Seeing the huge ROI that was coming from smart online mktg campaigns was key in the evolution of Oozle morphing into the results driven, ROI focused digital agency we are today.

Our Focus on Quality Marketing

Oozle Media’s growing team of digital marketers and creatives seek results. Our number one goal is delivering each and every client results-driven marketing through tailored strategies that include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, website development, social media management, pay per click (PPC) management, call tracking, and much more. As our efforts drive real leads, those leads then become repeat customers who will then, in turn, be advocates for your business.

We’re a growing business, and, as a result, we understand the unique marketing needs of small to medium-sized businesses. We solve the “how do I get the small amount of money I have dedicated to marketing go further” question by focusing on immediate needs and a tailored marketing plan. Turns out, every businesses can grow with a solid marketing plan.

Industry Focus + Marketing Expertise = Better Results with Less Headaches

We service any company local to Utah and the surrounding states. This gives us the opportunity to meet frequently in person and develop great strategies tailored to the business’ needs. Outside the state, we mostly stick to industries where our experience allows us to give you a leg up. We work with our key vertical partners in post secondary education, home services, and dental to develop strategies that are flexible to your needs. Our strategy has always been to take full advantage of our years of industry specific knowledge and experience. If you’re wondering if your company is a good fit, request a free consultation.