Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve been paying any attention over the last couple of years you’ve noticed that SEO has been beaten up and dragged through the mud. Many have declared it dead or have classified it as impossible because the greedy Google is only interested in collecting your PPC dollars. At Oozle Media we find these claims to be symptoms of SEO being done the wrong way. We believe in working on the same team as Google, that attempts to coerce or trick Google or other search engines into ranking your site for specific keywords gives you short lived results and long term damage & penalties to your brand.

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Your Business is the Heart of Your SEO Strategy

At Oozle we believe SEO is alive and well, it doesn’t just involve paying an outsourced company for a set it and forget it strategy. SEO success starts with YOU, the business owner. You are the most important force in your company’s SEO. As Google continually gets better at collecting data to sort out credible and non-credible businesses, your customers’ voice and interactions through online channels carry more and more weight with search engines. If your company is doing bad work, or have employees who treat your customers badly, that is going to filter and seep into your online presence, making it incredibly difficult for you to rank on search engines. The basis of a Google SEO strategy is to build a business worth being found.

SEO is a Part of a Holistic Marketing Strategy

At Oozle Media we believe that SEO is a crucial piece of a holistic and integrated marketing strategy, not a stand alone product. We design your SEO strategy to permeate your website, PPC, social media, PR, and traditional advertising. We want to work with you to amplify and optimize the great things your business is already doing. When we build a strategy for your business, our SEO product is not a set of predetermined tasks done on a repetitive basis. Instead, we analyze, research, and work to find the holes in your existing SEO strategy, then work with you to fix them using up-to-date best practices.

Case Study

Beeline Pest Control

Beeline Pest Control experienced a serious drop in organic search traffic in Jan. ’13 after leaving Oozle Media, only to climb the rankings again after returning to Oozle in 2014.

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Best in the World Content

Google’s goal is to rank the best in the world level content, it might as well be yours. We want your website content to have a rich, engaging and authoritative voice that tells the same story you do. Once we’ve worked with you to achieve this best in the world content, we then focus work to ensure that it is optimized to be crawled by Google, it’s easy to share on social media and it dovetails seamlessly with your PR and content marketing efforts. Creating great content with the searcher in mind ensures you’re never at odds with search engines, because we are working on the same team trying to bring that best in the world content to the searcher.

We Want to Work With the Best

At Oozle Media we believe in doing things the right way. That means never outsourcing critical marketing functionality. We view our clients as partners in the marketing effort. Because SEO is a partnership we want to work with the best businesses that are already doing great work for their customers. If you feel like your business is doing great work and you need an SEO team that is up for the challenge, contact us today to get started: 801-562-8557.