Case Study: Beeline Pest Control What we did: Content Writing, SocialSEO

In Short

Beeline Pest Control has been an Oozle client…twice. The first time Oozle worked to get them terrific organic rankings for their Utah locations, the second time it was to get those listing back.

Beeline left Oozle in 2013 to go with a different agency, shortly thereafter, they were assessed an algorithmic penalty by Google and lost their most important rankings. In 2014 Beeline returned, and after some hefty work removing bad links and poor SEO practices, Beeline’s rankings returned and improved from those previous highs.

The Goals

  • Remove Google penalties
  • Remove bad Links
  • Recover important rankings for industry related keywords
  • Re-establish SEO best practices

Beeline Rankings 2015

From June 2014 to the end of September 2015, Beeline saw dramatic jumps in Google keyword rankings specific to their Utah location. In addition to this, “exterminators Utah” jumped 99 places in the Google Maps ranking, directly affecting local search.

Overall organic search dropped significantly when Beeline left Oozle but began to rise again upon their return.

Through a strong focus on bad link removal and local SEO best practices, Oozle Media was able to drive traffic that mattered back to Beeline's site.