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Avatar Erica West Aug 02 2019

Is Facebook still cool? Not to today’s teenagers! If you want to market to Gen Z, take a look at these tips and strategies on where to reach them and how to start speaking their language.

Tucker Ferwerda Tucker Ferwerda Jul 26 2019

In this article, we cover the top 5 reasons why you should be using email marketing in your business.

Chris Linford Chris Linford Jun 28 2019

Beautiful sites are, well, beautiful. They don’t convert, though. Ugly sites bring in the best results. Jump into our blog and learn four of our top tips for a site that converts better!

Cheryl Montgomery Cheryl Montgomery Jun 04 2019

If you’re a small business owner with a website, you may have heard the terms “web accessibility” or “ADA compliance” recently. Maybe you’re concerned about how the ADA laws affect you or whether or not your website is accessible. In this article, we’ll try to answer a few questions about what this law means, how…

Cheryl Montgomery Cheryl Montgomery May 17 2019

Is it better to just use pre-made themes like Avada or Divi? Should you go with a semi-custom theme? We explain why we build themes the way we do, and why you should be wary of “Premium Themes” for your business.

Avatar Haley Sotelo May 06 2019

In the beauty school industry, reaching prospective students and growing are key factors of success. At Oozle Media, we are proud of the marketing work we have done with these schools and are ecstatic to have seen them receive recognition at this year’s SPEC Conference in Florida.