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Oozle Media May 21 2020

Watch our webinar replay on the impact of Google reviews, plus a little more insight on our reviews training for beauty schools that is part of Beauty as a Business. You might be surprised to see the impact reviews can actually have on your business. Check it out!

Oozle Media May 08 2020

Watch the replay of our webinar where we collected actual website and PPC data from beauty schools across the country to see the impact of COVID-19 and the next steps to take as businesses are starting to open.

Oozle Media Apr 20 2020

It’s amazing how much time has been slowing down, where a week feels like a month. Our last chat was just last week, and if you haven’t had a chance to watch it, you can check it out, too! You can watch the replay of our chat and get a summary of everything they talked…

Oozle Media Apr 17 2020

Now that it’s been a few weeks since COVID-19, we decided to circle back to what admissions teams at beauty school should be doing for COVID-19. Watch the replay of our webinar!

Oozle Media Apr 13 2020

A good marketing strategy is to make sure your messaging reflects how your business is operating right now and provides that information to potential customers. We talked more with Dave Smith about what you should be doing with your marketing right now.

Oozle Media Apr 06 2020

You don’t have to navigate marketing during COVID-19 alone. Get access to all of our webinar replays and blogs we’ve created to help you know exactly what you should be doing with your marketing right now.