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Cheryl Montgomery Aug 27 2019

What can be done about form spam in WordPress? The answer is both simple but frustrating: not as much as we’d like. Still, there are some pretty rock-solid methods we can use to limit spam. Read on to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do.

Cheryl Montgomery May 17 2019

Is it better to just use pre-made themes like Avada or Divi? Should you go with a semi-custom theme? We explain why we build websites the way we do, and why you should be wary of “Premium Themes” for your business.

Shaylee Hansen Oct 24 2018

If you haven’t heard by now, WordPress will be changing in a major way in the next few weeks. The long awaited release of Gutenberg is happening. What is Gutenberg? Named after Johannes Gutenberg (the creator of the movable printing press), Gutenberg will be replacing what you currently know as the text editor. This: Becomes…

Cheryl Montgomery Apr 02 2018

Considering a new website for your business? Maybe you’ve heard good things about WordPress, but you’re really digging those Keanu Reeves commercials? Let us help you make the best decision for your website needs.