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Cheryl Montgomery May 17 2019

Is it better to just use pre-made themes like Avada or Divi? Should you go with a semi-custom theme? We explain why we build websites the way we do, and why you should be wary of “Premium Themes” for your business.

Erin Johnsen Jan 22 2019

We at Oozle Media strive to produce not only remarkable work for our clients, but also to make a real difference in the world. Oozle Media has a long history of charity work, working with our local community and organizations such as The Road Home, The Christmas Box House, Sub for Santa, and many others….

Cheryl Montgomery Jan 05 2019

Wow! 2018 was a really big year for the internet in general. A lot of pretty big things happened, changing both how we help our clients and how our clients help their customers. One thing we learned from this year, though, is that Oozle Media can handle anything. Here’s a little recap of some of…

Ellie Tippetts Apr 20 2018

You’re the expert at what you do, we will never be as good as you are at what you do every day. What we do every day is marketing, and one question business owners face is whether they should hire an agency or whether they should keep their marketing in-house. We’ll save you some time:…

Patrik Connole Jan 05 2017

Like any other year, 2016 has seen some social media and search trends that we may not have expected. From the deaths of well-known and liked celebrities such as David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, and Prince to the riveting chaos surrounding olympian Ryan Lochte, 2016 has kept us on our toes here at Oozle Media. As…

Cassie Costner Oct 19 2015

At Oozle Media, we’ve never been one to follow the crowd. Find out what makes Oozle Media different through our website process.