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In the race to get more business, how you build your company’s website can help put your marketing ahead of the curve or leave it behind. Building a site that is technically sound, easy for you to edit, follows marketing best practices, and gives your potential customers what they are looking for and turns them into leads is no simple task. We have spent years perfecting the process of putting it all together.

Browse “Our Work” to see examples of our previous websites. Read about how “Our Method” encourages collaboration and keeps everyone accountable to deadlines. Compare “Our Packages” to determine which one is right for your needs.

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How We Built a Development Agency You Can Trust

Years ago, when we looked at rebuilding our website development process we found out that most business hate the company that built their website, and we knew this needed to change. There is a significant emotional, financial and time investment in building a website. If there isn’t a system in place to keep everyone accountable it’s a recipe for disaster. We built a process that turns our clients into partners as we develop their new website. From concept to launch, our team and our clients are accountable to each other for timelines and outcomes. We created the Oozle Website Portal to keep you informed about who is responsible for what, and when it will be done. This transparency and teamwork is why we can boast our clients love the websites we built for them.

You Should Own Your Website

Just because someone built your website, doesn’t mean they should hold it hostage. We believe that once the website is paid for in full you should own the code, and know how to use it. We build sites that are user friendly, and straightforward to edit. Most importantly you own the code! This means you don’t have to pay or contact us every time you want to make a minor change.   

Launching Websites that Gain Traffic, Not Lose It

Because Oozle Media is a marketing agency with a world-class WordPress development team, this means we know how to build websites that not only look great to users, but also gain traffic, rank on Google, and convert users into customers.

Conversions are King

When we first came into the industry, we saw the way a lot of other web development and digital marketing agencies did business. Some were creating websites that were beautiful to look at, but didn’t help with conversion or rankings, while others simply provided clients with an existing template without any personalization. We decided we wanted to do something better, which is why we’ve worked very hard to provide clients with websites that are beautiful, functional, and most importantly, optimized for conversions.

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Proven Layouts Graphic

Proven Layouts

We call these “proven layouts” because we’ve seen and tracked the results. Not only are these layouts curated specifically to help tell your story, but we strive to make them not only beautiful, but built to convert. This package is for clients who maybe don’t have the time or the budget to dedicate to an entirely new site. We will build something for you that works well with your existing or updated content, but ranks better in search engines. Our proven layout sites are developed using current industry best practices, with clean, responsive code. Beautiful websites like these make for higher lead generation. Start with a proven layout, and add features over time.

These SEO-optimized sites are built on an easy-to-update WordPress framework that facilitates businesses to make their own website edits without paying a web developer. It’s easier than you think to get a great quality website, so don’t put it off any longer, call us today with any questions or to get started!

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Semi-Custom Graphic


Semi-Custom sites are the best of both worlds. We start with a layout that is well thought out and mirrors the designs of other successful businesses within the same industry that we have built from scratch. These layouts are effective in driving SEO and social media results, as well as converting visitors into leads at a high rate. We take these layouts and make them unique to your brand and company story, then custom code the site from scratch on the WordPress platform.

This gives you a site that is easy to use and update while benefiting from our past experience of what a website needs in order to perform well in your industry. Additionally, this will save you from having to invest in a full custom site. Let your business reach its full online potential today by updating your site to a Semi-Custom Layout. Call today to get started or with any questions.

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Full Custom Graphic

Full Custom

Our Full-Custom websites are for those clients that want to be the best in their field. With full custom sites we marry industry best practices for conversion and SEO with the needs of the client to create something flexible and engaging. With a Full-Custom site we have the freedom to create an entirely new website that is as unique as your business, and we’ll develop a quote based on your needs. Like all Oozle Media websites, they are Social Media/SEO-friendly and are built from the ground up on a clean installation of WordPress that is as easy to edit as a word document.

Our Full-Custom sites benefit from the combined experience of our marketing team and our web development team. When these two fields come together what you get is an engaging site that ranks well on search engines, and provides your customers with a good, unique experience. Get started building the website that tells your story they way your business deserves today. Call with any questions and get the website you really want for your business!

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À la carte Add-Ons Graphic


In addition to our website packages we offer a la carte website and design services. Below are some common services our clients ask for:

  • Custom development and functionality
  • Ecommerce development via Woo-Commerce for WordPress
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • 3rd party website integrations
  • Full SEO technical and content optimization of site.
  • WordPress blog addition and/or installation
  • Custom graphic design
  • Branded social media profile designs that match your website
  • Onetime local maps claiming and optimization
  • Local on-site photography
  • Infographics – research and development
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