Smarter PPC

Leads to Better Conversions

Your pay-per-click campaign should be designed to target the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. At Oozle Media, instead of simply optimizing for any type of conversion, we tailor our campaigns to get you the best conversions. That means more revenue and sales for you and a greater ROI on your marketing dollars.

That’s Why We’re a Google Partner Agency


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What Drives Us

Results. We take your business goals seriously. Which means that our PPC experts take the time to understand your business needs and goals and make them our own. You won’t find us spending money and optimizing for any old keywords because we customize our strategy for each and every client. Growing your business is our business, and we’re pretty good at it.

Results – We’re A Google Partner

Oozle Media at Google HQ
In January of 2018 Oozle Media was named a Premier Partner with Google. We received this award for being in the top 3% of all PPC companies in the world. We’ve become so focused on getting the best results for our clients, that even Google took note.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you get the benefit of a team that has the ad skill and expertise to sustain growth and performance for your business. It means we know how to set up your campaigns and optimize them so that they make money. We are experts at helping your marketing investment go a long way, driving conversions where they count. It also means that we have dedicated attention from Google support and early access to new programs and products that other agencies – and your competitors – likely won’t have.

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Clients Who Trust Oozle Media

How We Do it:

When we get a new client, our PPC experts begin the process of creating a customized campaign. While we’re doing keyword research and studying your industry we don’t just look for the keywords that are high in search volume. Rather, we ask the industry expert: you. Which product, service, or element of your business makes you the most money? Instead of wasting your money on keywords that are highly searched for the moment, we focus our efforts on the keywords that yield better ROI. We also hone in on the geographic and demographic groups that you know are most likely to convert. When all of these elements are working together, it gives us the best chance of showing your message to the right person, at the right time.

Better People With Better Tools

Lucky for us, we also have the opportunity to use some of the best tools in the industry, tools that are not likely accessible without an agency. These allow us to put a microscope in front of your personalized PPC campaign, and we get to make many minor adjustments based on what’s worked in the past. Constant improvement is our goal, and the tools we use allow us to achieve it. Additionally, our know-how of those tools lets us track our progress and helps us get even better results next month.

We Care What Happens After the Click

We know the journey doesn’t end there. We care about what happens after the click, which means that after a potential customer lands on our ad, we’ve catered the entire user experience to drive conversions at every angle. We combine our experience, industry best practices, and continual testing to ensure every part of your ad campaign is pointing to the same goal.

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Optimizing for Profit

One particular thing that plenty of marketing agencies are guilty of is convincing the client that optimizing their PPC campaign to get the highest number of clicks for the lowest possible cost is the best route. But we know that not all clicks are created equal, and if you’re willing to spend the money to target the most relevant keywords – those that make you more profit – we can get you better conversions. In the end, which is better: a high number of lower-cost, low-quality clicks, or higher quality leads that result in greater profit?

Integration With the Rest of Your Marketing Strategy

At Oozle Media, we take all of the different aspects of digital marketing and weave them together into a larger marketing strategy that is designed to drive conversions from every platform. Basically, we take the information we learn from your social strategy, content creation, and SEO, and apply it to your PPC campaign – and vice versa.

Get Projections Before You Invest

Provide our PPC experts with information about your business and goals, and we’ll be able to give you an idea of what we can do for you. What we’ll need:

  • Access to your existing AdWords & Bing accounts, if applicable
  • Your target locations
  • Desired ad spend
  • Information about your marketing goals

We’ll be able to provide you with estimates of impression volume, and an idea of what you can expect regarding traffic to your site.

Let us optimize your PPC campaign. Let us show you why Google thinks we’re a top PPC agency.

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