Email Marketing

Your sales or admissions team is probably pretty efficient; they are likely in touch with hot leads right away. It’s a good idea to pursue the leads who are ready convert now. What happens to all of the other leads who contacted you? People are taking longer to research companies and make a decision before making the final call. Email marketing is about keeping in touch with those who took the time to consider you and treat them like the important lead they are. Just because they’re not ready to commit today doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future.

That’s where email steps in. Email marketing allows you to nurture warm or cold leads that may become hot leads later on and continue to maintain relationships with the people you value the most. Don’t abandon any lead! Add email marketing to your holistic marketing campaign.

How Do We Do It?

Email marketing can extend the life cycle of your leads by keeping them engaged and aware of your brand.

We Don’t Pester, Annoy, or Spam

We create our emails with care. They won’t be filled with spammy sales tactics. We take our time to create a drip campaign (a campaign that keeps going over time once someone is added to the list). These campaigns gently move recipients through ideas, steps, or cycles that are appropriate for their needs.

We Utilize Your Content

If you have amazing content to share with your email list, we want to use it. While we can help create amazing content if you have a recurring marketing budget, we like to use what you already have. By using content that you’ve already paid for and you know works, we can spend less time preparing and more time executing.

Email’s The Next Step

Your competition’s doing it. Add email to your marketing strategy today! Contact Oozle Media.

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