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Get the Most out of Every Lead

Email is dead, right? Wrong. Email marketing provides some of the highest average ROI in the digital marketing space; most statistics suggest this figure lives right around 4000%. Why is this?

A strategic, data-driven email campaign can add a new dimension to your lead nurturing and sales process. Even the most experienced and effective sales team has its limits. The goal of a killer email marketing campaign should be to support the lead conversion process by engaging and warming up your prospects for your team.

How Email Marketing Drives Results

Email marketing can extend the life cycle of your leads by keeping them engaged and aware of your brand long after your follow up process stops. It’s unlikely that you’re going to want your staff calling leads from 6 months ago that never answered the phone, but email marketing can be the oil that keeps the engine of your sales process running long-term.

Our Method

Make a Good First Impression:
A killer auto response email can make or break the success of your campaign. “We’ll be in touch soon” messages are nice, but delivering immediate value and conditioning your subscribers to engage with your email content from the get-go helps ensure positive, long-term brand affinity.

Let Your Content Do the Talking:
Your content and graphic assets are designed to entice and convert your audience, it’s just a matter of delivering that content at the right time. Our content schedule and strategy is built around the philosophy of leveraging the right content at the right time to take your leads naturally through the buyer’s journey.

Hit Smarter, Not Harder:
Email blasts can be powerful, but sending out special offers, event dates, or sales pitches out to a list that doesn’t engage with you first is the easiest way to alienate your subscribers and limit your results. We promote the most important news, offers, or products in your arsenal by taking a customer-focused approach to telling your story and delivering your message.

Make your content go the extra mile. Ramp up your conversion rates. Keep leads alive for months after they hit the icebox. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your business with email marketing.