Facebook and Instagram Ads

Did you know that, according to Statista, there are over one billion Instagram users and over two billion Facebook users? Without paid ads, you’re losing out on valuable traffic because all of the paid players are drowning you out.

Social media represents one of the most innovative areas of tech: communication. Because users are looking to connect and entertain on social, businesses can’t be caught taking up all the organic space. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram created paid ads to let businesses hypertarget audiences for a relevant ad experience.

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Social Media Ads in the Bigger Picture

Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to expand your brand reach on social platforms. You can get your content in front of more relevant people in your target demographic. Once you’ve created a solid content and organic social media strategy, paid ads are your next step!

Overcoming Organic Algorithms

Did you know that less than 10% of your followers on Facebook see the content you post? It might sound disappointing, but there is a way to overcome those organic algos. By playing in the paid ad space, you allow all of your content to be uplifted by paying to use advanced targeting tactics. Facebook and Instagram ads can help your organic content get noticed more often by nature of brand recognition.


There is a chance that the people who are viewing your social profile aren’t seeing your website and vice versa. Not with social ads. You can utilize audience demographics like site traffic and email lists to create lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are people on social media who are similar to your current, engaged audience. This is the perfect way to expand your reach without wasting your money on irrelevant audiences.

Pixel Tracking

Business or agency advertising on social media only has a 50% correct pixel implementation rate. Oozle Media is proud to say that we’re at 98% (hey, no one is perfect right?). Pixel tracking allows you to find out where leads came from when they fill out a form on a web page or landing page.

At Oozle, we take all that data collected from our almost perfect pixels and create custom website audiences. That means we can target the top 5% of people who spent time on our clients’ websites. We can even get as granular as targeting specific pages on the site.

Clean Cut Feedback

When you advertise on Facebook and Instagram, your feedback is almost immediate in how the ads are performing on an individual level. From account to ad, the information isn’t vague. At Oozle Media, we utilize that data to make agile marketing decisions from an account to a per ad basis.

Clear & Integrated Results

Fun fact: you can use the data gathered from your Facebook and Instagram ads to refine the targeting of audiences across a variety of platforms. That means that your pay per click (PPC) or YouTube ad targeting can get even better.

If you have both PPC and social media advertising with us, we will take full advantage of all of the data we gather from all platforms. Which means that ad targeting gets more specific, in turn that means your audience gets more and more relevant across channels.

A Brand to Be Proud Of

If you’re not convinced by all of the points above, listen to just one thing. Ads allow your brand to reach more people. If there’s just one reason why you decide to run social ads for your business, let it be brand awareness.

The Tools of the Trade

The skilled plumber has his top of the line tools, the well-seasoned mechanic knows what to reach for in his tool box, and the expert marketer has his arsenal of software to choose from to report accurately. We’re the expert marketers.

We utilize one of the most detailed reporting tools available: AdStage. This software allows us to do in-depth reporting that’s easy to read. The visual layout of the reports generated by AdStage allows any kind of business owner analyze their social media ad report.

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