Case Study: Avalon School of Cosmetology What we did: Content Writing, SocialSEO

In Short

Avalon School of Cosmetology approached Oozle Media in the fall of 2012 because they wanted to work with an agency that specialized in digital marketing for beauty schools. Avalon has four locations throughout Utah, Arizona, and California. This case study shows the difference in working with an agency who specializes and one who does not specialize in marketing for beauty schools.

The Goals

Avalon’s goal was to get more qualified leads from their website and through social media.


Lead Difference

Leads increased by 94% in one year!
Avalon received over 2000 more leads year-over-year by coming to Oozle Media.



52% Increase in Google / Organic Traffic!

This image shows the difference in the website traffic from their Google Analytics account. Oozle Media was able to regain lost organic rankings; thus, delivering more targeted traffic year-over-year.


Better Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Cut costs by 50% and increased PPC leads by 148%!
This analytics report shows the date range from which this client has been working with Oozle Media vs. the exact date range when the other agency was doing their PPC marketing. Since Oozle Media took over, this school saw an outstanding 148% increase in leads from Google AdWords and Microsoft ads. This report does not take into account phone calls. The conversion data shown here is for website form submissions only.


We Cut PPC Costs by 50%!

This Google AdWords snapshot shows that Oozle Media cut costs by 50%, while delivering more targeted traffic, which converted at a much higher rate.


Better Social Media Marketing

Oozle Media increased leads from social media by over 3000%!
Oozle Media focused on targeting the right people through its proprietary social media strategies and paid ad management, which resulted in over 1000 more leads than what their previous digital marketing company provided the previous year.

If you would like to know how Oozle Media can make a difference for you in delivering more relevant leads that ultimately turn into more enrollments for your beauty school, contact us today to receive your free analysis!