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Derik Parkinson Nov 09 2017

As a school owner or marketing director, you know you’re competing with rival schools for the attention of potential students. It’s the daily reality of business. It’s likely you’ve already got a strategy in place to combat this competition. But are you prepared to compete with the likes of Amazon, Target, Sephora and other major…

Derik Parkinson Jul 11 2017

Social ads is a product that comes with a lot of options & opportunities to promote your school. This is a great tool to get creative in your approach, carefully test results, and continue to try new things. The danger lies in the budget for all of these efforts. Testing too many campaigns, features, or…

Derik Parkinson Jul 11 2017

Facebook’s bidding system can be complex. This graphic below is an advanced visual to help you understand what goes into the process. A solid understanding of this process can help you bid correctly on your campaigns and get the most out of social media advertising.  

Julianne Smith May 05 2017

In a blog, far, far away, there lies a list of “Star Wars Day” social posts by digital marketers that used the force. Today is “Revenge of the 5th” so we want to recap their valiant efforts, here.

Chris Linford Chris Linford Apr 27 2017

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who uses Google+?” or even, “What’s Google+?” Beauty schools that are using this social network are benefiting from it in a HUGE way! By doing these three things, schools are seeing lifts in overall website conversion rates, as well as lifts in overall website leads, and this is happening without even changing anything on your website! Crazy, right?!

Stephanie Carter Mar 21 2017

If you really want to make an impact with Snapchat for business, you should invest in Geofilters.