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Chris Linford Chris Linford Apr 27 2017

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who uses Google+?” or even, “What’s Google+?” Beauty schools that are using this social network are benefiting from it in a HUGE way! By doing these three things, schools are seeing lifts in overall website conversion rates, as well as lifts in overall website leads, and this is happening without even changing anything on your website! Crazy, right?!

Avatar Whitney Rosen Jan 18 2017

Oozle Media named a top SEO company in Salt Lake City.

Dave Smith Dave Smith Nov 15 2016

If you’re a website owner, this is important for you. In fact, everyone that depends on Google for traffic to their website should be aware of a shift towards mobile Google announced and is currently testing.

Alex Nordhausen Alex Nordhausen Nov 09 2016

Here at Oozle Media we know optimizing your website can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to search engine rankings. Fear not, however, we are here to help. Oozle Media’s web development and SEO teams specialize in schema implementation.

Avatar Patrik Connole Sep 23 2016

What is the Google “Possum” Local Ranking Update?   Welcome to another Oozle Update, today we’re covering Local Rankings and the mysterious “Possum Update”.  To be clear there hasn’t been any official word from Google about local rankings although they did announce today that Penguin 4.0 went live mid September. Regardless, there has been a…

Avatar Patrik Connole Jul 12 2016

The craze is real, Pokemon GO is exploding in popularity! It has already overtaken the most popular mobile dating app out there (Tinder) and is hot on the heels of mega-social giant Twitter for most daily active users. And it only launched last week! Let me repeat that. It launched LAST WEEK. Twitter has been…