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Oozle Media Mar 18 2020

Is your school or business closed because of COVID-19? That doesn’t mean you should stop using social media. In fact, social media should be used now more than ever. Here are our recommendations of what you should be posting right now.

Erica West Aug 02 2019

Is Facebook still cool? Not to today’s teenagers! If you want to market to Gen Z, take a look at these tips and strategies on where to reach them and how to start speaking their language.

Dallas Yates Mar 11 2019

The fact that data is being collected on you each time you do anything online can be a little jarring to hear on the surface but is it really? Every platform you enter – Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., is doing it, so let’s lay out the necessity for it.

Izabella Tovar Aug 17 2018

If your business thrives on customer engagement and brand awareness, it’s no secret that it should be represented on Instagram. The types of businesses that thrive on Instagram are ones that are able to offer aesthetically pleasing products or photos that audiences engage with. This platform is image-based. So it stands to reason that brands…

Caroline Brumm Jul 03 2018

Since Instagram released their stories feature in the summer of 2016, millions of users are active daily- 300 million to be exact. If your business is not using the Instagram Stories feature, you are missing a big opportunity to get in front of an audience and the chance to be more real with your followers….

Derik Parkinson Apr 07 2018

***Disclaimer: Oozle tries to remain politically neutral as an organization. We use political examples in this piece because they inform the conversation we want to have about data security and marketing, not to promote or malign any specific political strategy*** Is the data Facebook collects secure? You might not think so after 87 MILLION Facebook…