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Erin Johnsen Jan 22 2019

We at Oozle Media strive to produce not only remarkable work for our clients, but also to make a real difference in the world. Oozle Media has a long history of charity work, working with our local community and organizations such as The Road Home, The Christmas Box House, Sub for Santa, and many others….

Josh Scheer Jan 14 2019

So, you’re thinking about getting into paid search? PPC, Google Ads, AdWords, search ads, intent-based marketing, whatever you want to call it. There are a lot of names for it; and then there are all the other acronyms that come along with a paid search investment: CTR, CPL, CPC, Search IS. It can be intimidating,…

Cheryl Montgomery Mar 02 2017

Your website is so incredibly important to your business’s success. Make sure you have control of your domain, website content and passwords.

Erin Johnsen Sep 15 2016

Monitoring trends in the industry is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Having our fingers on the pulse of the marketing industry is crucial to how we build our business and has made Oozle such a success with beauty schools. If you had a crystal ball that showed you the exact time launch a…

Patrik Connole Jul 12 2016

The craze is real, Pokemon GO is exploding in popularity! It has already overtaken the most popular mobile dating app out there (Tinder) and is hot on the heels of mega-social giant Twitter for most daily active users. And it only launched last week! Let me repeat that. It launched LAST WEEK. Twitter has been…

Colton Barry Apr 23 2015

All good marketing starts with three key ideas: Who’s your customer What pain are you solving for them How are you going to reach them   Understanding The Online Landscape The online landscape has shifted. Chances are, you can reach into your pocket and pull out a device containing the wealth of the worlds knowledge. What has…