Transforming Futures: The Advantages of JobWise, A Free Career Services Platform for Beauty Schools


In an era where the beauty and wellness industry is booming, beauty schools play a crucial role in nurturing talent and providing students with the skills they need for success. However, the process of tracking student outcomes—an essential requirement for accreditation with bodies such as NACCAS, ACCSC, COE, and others—has historically proven to be a challenging and often painstaking endeavor for beauty schools. This is where JobWise comes into play, revolutionizing the way beauty schools manage and monitor student success. By addressing the previously difficult process of outcome tracking, JobWise not only eases the burden for beauty schools but also helps graduates get jobs—ultimately enhancing the overall experience of the education.

  1. Automating the Tracking of Student Outcomes

Tired of manual tracking with spreadsheets? JobWise helps beauty schools automate the tracking of student outcomes, a fundamental requirement for accreditation. By providing an automated platform to monitor and record various aspects of student success, JobWise assists beauty schools in meeting accreditation standards and saves schools approximately 75 percent of the time they would have historically have spent on manually tracking student outcomes. The platform enables schools to document student job placements, internships, career advancements, and other professional achievements.

  1. Linking Students to Tailored Industry Opportunities

JobWise gives your school an innovative, new job board, which can be easily embedded into your existing school website. This job board serves as a vital link between beauty education and the industry by connecting students of beauty schools with a diverse array of industry-relevant job opportunities. For those students eager to gain practical experience during their training or shortly after graduation, the platform offers a seamless interface to explore internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level positions that align with their chosen beauty career paths. Students and graduates can browse job opportunities on the job board directly or sign up for text message job matches after creating a profile.

  1. Exposure to Diverse Beauty Specializations

Beauty schools often offer a wide spectrum of beauty programs, and students might not be fully aware of all the specialties available to them. JobWise broadens horizons by showcasing a plethora of beauty specializations within their chosen field. This exposure empowers students to make well-informed decisions about their education and future, enabling them to select a specialization that resonates with their skills and passions.

  1. Easy Profile Creation

Students and graduates have the option of creating a profile manually, selecting skills, and adding relevant education, certifications, and licenses, or they can simply take a photo of their resume and, using optical character recognition and Chat GPT, the system will automatically create a profile for the user.

  1. Tailored Job Alerts and Recommendations

The platform employs advanced algorithms to furnish students with personalized job alerts and recommendations based on their skills, preferences, and geographical considerations. This not only streamlines students’ job searches but also increases their chances of finding positions that align perfectly with their unique profiles.

  1. Showcasing Student Portfolios

In the digital age, an online presence is indispensable. JobWise empowers students to create digital portfolios that showcase their skills, projects, and accomplishments. This feature is especially advantageous for beauty school students who possess hands-on experience. Portfolio photos of cuts, colors, and other work can serve as potent tools for impressing potential employers and spotlighting practical skills that might not be adequately captured in a traditional resume.

  1. Data Insight for School Administrators

JobWise’s benefits extend not only to students but also to educators and administrators within beauty schools. The platform provides data insights into which employers are actively hiring graduates and which students and graduates are applying to open positions. This data can be harnessed to enhance curriculum development, ensuring that the skills taught in beauty programs remain pertinent and aligned with industry demands.

  1. Contributing to Local Economy

Beauty schools play a pivotal role in bolstering regional economic growth by supplying the beauty and wellness workforce with skilled professionals. JobWise contributes to this growth by connecting local employers with beauty school students who possess the requisite skills. This symbiotic relationship between education and industry fosters economic progress and diminishes skill gaps within the beauty job market.

In an era of unparalleled growth in the beauty and wellness sector, beauty schools need innovative solutions to empower their students and elevate their programs. JobWise emerges as a transformative force, offering an array of advantages that cater precisely to the unique needs of beauty school students, educators, and administrators. From personalized job recommendations to cultivating professional networks, the platform propels beauty schools toward greater triumph in preparing students for thriving careers in the beauty industry. As the partnership between beauty education and the industry gains momentum through platforms like JobWise, the future of beauty education appears remarkably promising. To sign up for a free school account, go to



By Ben Zimmer, CEO, JobWise

Oozle Media Oct 05 2023
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