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3 Ways to Prepare for the Social Search Storm

Oozle's Executive Assistant, Amy Kunz, is blown away by the "social search storm".

The winds of the web are constantly changing and there’s a huge storm brewing that’s looking to change the landscape forever. Google has switched their algorithm pushing social media content towards the top.  The reason for this is simple: They go where the action is. The most relevant, original and freshest content is happening through social media.

The one problem with the leading search company is the lack of Facebook integration.  Google relies on Twitter, blogs, and Youtube for their social media content; however, Bing and Yahoo have partnerships with Facebook to integrate relevant Facebook content into their searches.  Here are a few ways to prepare your business for this new social search shift.

  1. Keep it Fresh and Original: As you can imagine, when Google made the changes to their search algorithm there was quite a bit of an uproar from companies using black hat tactics and filler repetitive content.  Some sites claim to have lost up to 90% of their traffic following these changes.  At the same time, blogs with high-quality original content rose significantly higher to the top.
  2. Real Time Wins: Whether right or wrong, real time searches will pop up before yesterday’s news. If there was a tornado yesterday and you want the full scoop today, you’ll see news about clean-up efforts or the aftermath before you find news on the story as it broke. This is the same for your business. Any blog, tweet, or article is going to get buried tomorrow if others are also posting with similar content today.
  3. Connections: More than ever before the amount of social media connections you have, the more traffic you will get.  Though Google’s +1 feature is in its infancy, this recommend feature is looking to take off soon and the amount of recommends you get is going to make you rise in Google’s search rankings. With Bing, you’re already going to feel the effects by the relevant likes you have on Facebook. This means if you search for a dentist’s office in your area and friends have liked a particular dentist in the same area it will be at the top of the results. Luckily, your Utah social media expert Oozlers are here to help you in these changing times.

by Kody Probst

Oozle Media Jul 22 2011
Categories: Social Media

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