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15 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Page

In social media, the Like is everything: it tells you the extent of your reach, and can either hurt or improve your credibility, depending on how many you have. If no one Likes you, let’s face it: you’re kind of a tool at Social Media High School. Plus, according to social media measurement company Syncapse, someone who Likes your Facebook page spends $71.84 more on your brand than someone who doesn’t, is 28% more likely to continue using your brand throughout her lifetime, and is 41% more likely to recommend you to her friends.

But how do you get more Likes? At Oozle Media, we’ve had plenty of experience garnering Likes for our clients. In fact, we’ve been able to gather up more than 78,000 Facebook fans for one of our clients, Half Price Utah. But how do you turn all of those blankly staring Facebook users into Likes for your page? Here are fifteen ideas to get you started:

  1. Encourage people to upload and tag photos. At events where your customers, clients, and employees are taking pictures or videos, invite them to upload those pictures to your Facebook wall. They’re required to Like your page before posting anything, so you’ll gain fans. To boot, posted pictures and videos will do fantastic things for your EdgeRank.
  2. Create Like-gated content for incentive. Use a Like-gated page to offer people an awesome picture, video, white paper, or other hot content. Only the best content will work, though: make sure your content is as appealing as possible!
  3. Ask people to Like your page via SMS. If you’re at an event in front of lots of potential fans, ask them to text “fan [yourpagename]” to 32665. The immediacy will generate instant results.
  4. Install a Facebook Like button on your website. Don’t fail to take advantage of the traffic that comes through your website itself. If you’re at a loss for a call-to-action, simply encourage people to Like your Facebook page.
  5. Automate the Twitter-Facebook connection. Go to http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/ to have all of your Tweets posted to Facebook. Careful with this one, however, if you Tweet a lot during the day. For many brands, it’s more practical to use fb2twitter.com, which Tweets your Facebook updates.
  6. Link to your page as a place of employment. Up until recently, you could only link to your fan page from your employment status via a complicated hack. Now, however, it’s easier than ever. Make sure all of your employees list your page in their employment status as well to extend your reach as far as possible.
  7. Leverage traditional media. Invite people to Like your page via billboards, print, or TV advertisements – if you have the budget, that is. Incentive is still central here – people are much more likely to Like your page if you give them a good reason to, such as a Facebook-exclusive promotion or giveaway.
  8. Newsletter promotion. Don’t neglect to take advantage of your body of newsletter subscribers. Include a link directly to your Facebook page with a specific call to action in each newsletter.
  9. Include a link to Facebook in your personal email signature to activate everyone you email throughout the week. Here’s a good example:
  10. Add a link to Facebook in your email signature.

  11. Invite fans to Like blog posts. If your site isn’t social, you’re wasting opportunities to build your fan base. Check out a cool way socialize your blog at the bottom of this post.
  12. Use Facebook ads. This is probably the most obvious solution. It takes a little dinero, but a catchy one-line ad will do a lot of the dirty work in getting you fans.
  13. Hold a Facebook giveaway or other promotion. Give away something hot and host your entry form in a Like-gated Facebook page. There’s no incentive quite like free stuff. If you’re feeling a little cheaper, host an exclusive coupon code in a Like-gated Facebook tab.
  14. Add an invitation to your business card. Make sure everyone with whom you come into physical contact knows about your Facebook page. If they like you, they’ll probably take the time to like your Facebook page!
  15. Utilize LinkedIn. Include a link to your Facebook page on your LinkedIn profile.
  16. Put Share buttons everywhere. Implementation is pretty easy, and if you catch fans in the moment that they Like your page, there’s a strong chance that they’ll invite their friends to Like it as well.
Oozle Media Nov 28 2011
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