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Utah Business Magazine Puts On Social Media Bootcamp

The Bootcamp was a learning experience for all involved.

Utah Business Magazine brought together 90 businesses at The Leonardo Museum on Wednesday, October 24 to help these businesses with their social media campaigns or to get them started on campaigns.  The local companies that attended ranged from small law firms to major corporations.  Everyone needs social media these days!

Social Media is the new buzz word in the business world with everyone Tweeting, Googling and Facebooking there is no wonder why businesses want to be involved with social media.  Speakers from top social media companies in Utah spoke to over two hundred attendees.


  • Josh Aston, Director of Online Marketing, Progrexion

Josh presented on the basics of Facebook for business.  You ask, “How is Facebook relevant to business?”  Well there are almost 1 billion Facebook users worldwide.  That means there are few people on it and you should probably make your business visible there.

  • Chad Warren, Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Social Media, Adobe

Yes Adobe is involved with social media now.  The company that is most well known for .pdf documents is on the cutting edge of business analytics when it comes to social media.

  • Evin Catlett, Social Media Director, Richter7

A skier by nature, Evin gave an impassioned presentation on how she gets more people to ski Park City Mountain Resort through engaging social media campaigns.  She posts a bunch of pictures of bottomless powder and 90-foot ski jumps.  That is what the people want to see!

  • Craig Aramaki, Public Relations, Richter7

After managing damage control communications and national publicity efforts in Los Angeles Tim has decided his time is better spent in Salt Lake City.  Being a public relations guru Tim is well prepared to relate publicly to people through social media.

  • Travis Ashby, Co-Owner and CEO, SoappBox and Oozle Media

Travis is not just a social media all-star; he is a social media superstar.  Running social media companies since 2007, he has been at the forefront of campaigning for companies nationwide about their products and services.  As driven as he is, sometimes he’s riddled with ADD, but his Facebook page will still have more fans than yours.

Twitter is not just for Chad Ochocinco to tweet “Child Please!” to 3.7 million people, it can also be used for the more useful things in life.  Ask any one of the above people and they will tell you social media marketing is a real advertising medium which yields real bottom line results.

Social Media Gives Your Business a Personality

Why would a small law firm have a YouTube account?  To give those uptight lawyer people a personality.  Social Media is a different professional medium than a commercial or a magazine print advertisement.  Social Media works because people enjoy using it.  They enjoy it because it relates to them and they can be a unique person with their own likes, dislikes, pictures, what they post, everything is about them.

Your business should utilize social media in the same way as the presenters lectured to the crowd.  Making a fun, relatable personality for your business can show a more personal side of who the people really are or what your company actually does on a daily basis.

Social Media offers a platform to show customers the lighter side of your business.  The office antics that go on at a law firm may be some of the best prank ideas to ever hit YouTube, lawyers should be able to think up some pretty good ones since they were college students twice as long as everyone else.

A Necessity to Your Business

The Social Media Bootcamp provided businesses with an informative give and take platform to become social media literate.  The implications of social media for the future are real in the business world with consumers talking about products and services and companies they liked, didn’t like.  The conversation about your business might be going on right now and you are not even aware of it.

By utilizing social media you are able to promote, talk about and show a lighter side of your business.  Show to your customers that your company has real people who are really good at what they do.  How else can you accomplish that than through social media?

How Do I Get In On This Goodness?

Utah Business Magazine is conducting the Socially Fit Challenge for any business in Utah.  It is a great way to either start a fan base for your business on social media or build brand awareness with even more fans.  Utah Business Magazine has already set up $10,000 worth of prizes for consumer participants too.  Get involved here.

Oozle Media Oct 29 2012
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