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Superior Water and Air Forms Alliance with National and Local Bloggers

Superior Water and Air president Rob Anderson met with national and local bloggers on Wednesday, September 12th in order to help make people more aware of his company and their brand.  The event occurred at the Red Robin in Murray, Utah with Oozle Media bringing these two groups together.

Whether you wanted a bacon cheeseburger or a Caesar salad, everyone had their choice of great food to go along with the interactive forum which Oozle Media provided.  Business was discussed intermittently between Rob Anderson and the bloggers but there was also time for the bloggers to show a bit of themselves and remind all the attendees why they can relate so well to their readers.

The Attendees

The bloggers who attended the event were all women who were largely homemakers.  This gives Superior Water and Air a new target market. The bloggers present included,

  • Laurie Vukich of naturesknockout.com – Naturesknockout.com encompasses beauty products which are naturally good for you and makes us aware of many of the harmful chemicals in beauty products today.
  • Summer Rumsey of summerscraps.etsy.com – Summerscraps.etsy.com has many of the crafts that Ms. Rumsey makes for sale as well as providing tips and tricks for crafting in your own time.
  • Leanne Jacobs of organizeyourstuffnow.com – Organizeyourstuffnow.com is all about organizing the many things in your home as well as decorating, thrift shopping, gardening, crafting and DIY projects.
  • Lindsey Redfern  of therhouse.com – Therhouse.com provides information and support for families who are infertile and are considering or have adopted children.  It has become more of a community of support for families who find themselves in this unorthodox situation.
  • Kristin Sokol of thevocalsokol.com – Thevocalsokol.com is a place to advocate for daily FUN.  They are a reminder to seek out happy, fun, joyful things TO DO on a daily basis.
  • Carly Kerby of livingthescream.com – Livingthescream.com is about Ms. Kerby sharing her daily life experiences as a mother of four young girls and a wife.
  • Stephanie Hansen of thedailyblarg.com – Thedailyblarg.com is all about recipes, photography, travel and technology as they pertain to a stay at home mother who balances the hectic schedules of teenagers.

Having these bloggers write about Superior Water and Air for their readers gives the company a leg up on its competition.  The audience these bloggers write for are mostly women who are married with children and in the typical American household women make 80% of the financial decisions.  Superior Water and Air is making an effort to break into the minds of house wives.

Deals, Deals, Deals

Mr. Anderson also gave out deals to the bloggers like the 2012 apocalypse was becoming a reality.  He was on a mission to prove the products and services Superior Water and Air has to offer in order to give the bloggers great material to write about.  Radon detectors were flying out left and right as well as free dryer duct cleaning certificates.  If that does not get you excited about your utilities then all hope is now lost for you.

Here is an explanation of the products and services mentioned by Mr. Anderson.

  • Radon Detector – Radon is a natural gas that seeps into homes through the foundation and is the number one cause of lung cancer in the United States.  This device measures the amount of radon in your home to determine whether you need the radon removed from your home or not.
  • Carbon Dioxide Detector  –  Carbon dioxide in your home is another gas that is harmful to your health.  Too much carbon dioxide can cause you to suffocate.  You should have as many carbon dioxide detectors as smoke detectors in your home.
  • Dryer Duct Cleaning – Think about if you did not clean your kitchen floor all year long how much dirt and dust build up you would have.  That is exactly how much debris builds up in your dryer duct every year.  Clogged dryer ducts are the number one cause of house fires in the United States and to prevent this you should have them cleaned once a year.

The two detector products and the once cleaning service are prevention methods Superior Water and Air offers to prevent even larger and more expensive problems from happening.

Going Out With a Bang

With Oozle Media providing a great platform for both sides to work off of, the meet up ended with a candid question and answer session.  With questions such as, “how much should I have paid for my water heater?” or “is it a problem if my dryer is not hooked up to the wall?” revealing embarrassing answers everyone could laugh and relate to.  This made for a great way to end the forum and transition out of business talk.

President Rob Anderson concluded with a heartfelt story about how he saw blogging actually mean something in the real world when Superior Water and Air became involved with a job for an underprivileged family which included $80,000 worth of repairs to their home.  Pictures and mingling with the bloggers followed to add an ending personal touch to the event.

Oozle Media Sep 14 2012

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