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Oozle Media Learning Lessons From Napoleon Dynamite

You think we got where we are today because we dress like Peter Pan?.... You do? Okay, our project manager Shannon is not helping.

Even with a new animated series coming this fall, the glory days of Napoleon Dynamite have probably come and gone leaving us with years of “jeeeez” and “gawshh!” quotes in its memory. At Oozle Media though, we looked deeper into the break-out indie comedy, and we learned something. We studied the fictional Rex Kwon Do and its 8 week program and we realized it’s quite the business efficient model that Oozle Media happens to follow. Rex says that when you study his 8-week program, you’re going to learn 3 things.

  1. We use the buddy system, no more flying solo: Just like with Rex’s buddy system, we watch our clients back at all times. Walking the mean streets of internet marketing on your own is going to leave you vulnerable.  You could get lost with no SEO or picked on for ugly web development. Luckily with Oozle, you have a team of marketing ninjas by your side. We’re the Rex Kwon Do buddy system on steroids.
  2. Discipline your image: He’s the first to tell you, no one wants a roundhouse kick to the face while Rex is wearing his patriotic hammer pants.  Just like Rex has disciplined his image as a karate master bad-boy, we have disciplined our image with our unique sales approach. We never let things get boring and stand by our philosophy that people enjoy doing business with people they like.
  3. Self respect: Starla, the beefy babe Rex comes home to at night, might not be everyone’s cup of protein laced tea, but Rex is all too proud of his partner. At Oozle, we believe in that same level of self-respect. We pride ourselves on our work we’ve done for clients and on our relationship with our clients.

Want to take part in our Rex Kwon Do program for Utah internet marketing? Come break the wrist and walk away with Oozle today.

by Kody Probst


Oozle Media Aug 02 2011

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