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Oozle Media gets involved in Utah community at 2012 Skills USA Contest

Students design a website for Skills USA competition. The winners will go on to compete nationally.

Dressed in Skills USA polo shirts and dressy black slacks, web development contestants from 11 schools competed at the Oozle-sponsored event for a chance at the national competition.

Oozle Media’s role in the competition

In order to promote the youth in Utah’s community, Oozle sponsored the web-design competition by designing part of the tasks the students were asked to do, being on hand to answer questions, and judging the participants’ work. Ryan Hightower, project manager for Oozle, judged the contest.

A Rundown of the Contest

The Skills USA web design competition involved 26 students armed with web-design knowledge from secondary and post-secondary schools. Students were expected to create a website and give a 7- to 10-minute presentation to a panel of judges, including representatives from Oozle, after they were given images, content, and a site map.

The contestants had a 6-hour time period to get the website finished, with a small lunch break to break it up. During the lunch break, which was in a separate room, no flash drives or information about the websites were allowed to be taken out of the competition room.

In the presentation phase, the participants were encouraged to sell their websites. Adequate rehearsal of the presentation was expected.

After the presentation, the panel of judges asked the teams questions about their website. The questions could be general to web design or specific to the students’ work.

The contest was purposely set up so that students would have a realistic experience of what web design would be like once they got out into the industry.

The competitors were not allowed to have any knowledge of the client for which the website was designed before the beginning of the contest.

Both secondary and post-secondary schools competed in the Skills USA web design contest

The Winners

Secondary school winners – Team 7: Courtney Starks and Austin Lee from Copperhills High School

Post-secondary school winners – Team 501: Nathan Collins and Shawn Dolen from Salt Lake Community College.

Way to go guys! You deserve it!

These winners will go onto the national competition. The 48th annual Skills USA national conference will be held in Kansas City from June 23 to June 27.

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-Kassandra Konecny

Oozle Media Apr 05 2012

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