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Oozle Employee of the Month

Oozle Employee of the Month is a gentlemen's award, and our content writer Cameron Edwards dresses accordingly.

Here at the Oozle Media headquarters, we’re pretty confident we have one of the coolest and brightest groups of talent working hard for us.  Great recognizes great and our content writer, Cameron Edwards, is great. No matter the task, he’s happy to take it on and do it well with a smile. We asked Cameron to take a minute for an interview in recognizing him as this month’s Oozler of the Month.

What Cameron Does:

For Oozle Media I write content for our client’s blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts.

How He Spends His Spare time:

You’ll typically find me sitting in a coffee shop sipping hot chocolate and writing poetry or reading some abstruse twentieth century text. I do this for a number of reasons, including the following:

1. I used to be under the mistaken apprehension that coffee shops were great places to pick up chicks.

2. I’m fairly pretentious and live a secret life by night as a snotty, pedantic intellectual who drops obscure German philosophers’ names and occasionally speaks in French just to feel like he’s better than everyone else.

3. J’aime l’odeur du café bien.

I also listen to a lot of music (and compose a little bit), play the piano, go to rock shows, jog, and – from time to time – bum around New York, which I consider my second home. When not at Oozle, I’m very often in class at the U – but I don’t think that can be called a leisure time activity.

Career objectives

I’m in my early twenties, which – by definition – means I have no idea whatsoever about the future direction of my life. Having had a total blast during the short time I’ve been working in marketing, however, I think I might just continue doing this until I’m a multi-gazillionaire, at which point I’ll probably feel so guilty about having all that money that I’ll give it to some charity, shave my head, and live the pastoral life of a goatherd in the Swiss Alps.


I’m also very attracted by the life of an English professor, so I might go on to graduate school after I get my Bachelor’s in May. We’ll see.

Favorite thing about Oozle

The culture. I love how laid-back it is, and there’s not a single person here with whom I don’t love working. It’s also a great opportunity to stretch my creative muscles from time to time, and I’m given quite a bit of latitude when it comes to the style and content of my writing.

But the very best part is the way that everyone in the office is always enthusiastically flinging around big, awesome ideas.

Where he is in 5 years

That’s a tough question. Oozle Media is changing and growing so much that it’s almost impossible to tell what I would be doing here five years from now. There’s no doubt, however, that it would be completely awesome, whatever it was.

I might also be going to graduate school somewhere out East, preparing for the ascetic life of the English professor, doing research, wearing dark, bland, urban clothing, and discussing Pound.

On the other hand, there’s a strong chance I’ll be studying the dharma in Tibet. Who knows?



Oozle Media Jul 27 2011
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