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Every Business Needs a PR Strategy Like Albert Brennanman Needs A “Hitch”

Oozle's Social Media Director, Mike Poulsen, and Content Writer, Shannon Egan, supported client Taylor Andrews' 8th Next Dimension Hair & Fashion Show by capturing professional photos, blogging about the event and giving away prizes via Facebook and Twitter. Over 2,000 people showed up and the event was a huge success!

Who’s Hitch? He’s the PR guy played by Will Smith in the movie Hitch. His role is to turn Albert Brennaman from Loser to Stud so that he can win Allegra Cole’s heart.

Without a PR campaign your company is basically a clueless Albert Brennanman, unable to reach its fullest potential. This is a shame because Public Relations is the #1 way to strengthen brand recognition and your reputation as an industry thought leader. Plus, once a strategy has been executed the benefits are immediate, such as a spike in web traffic, etc. But first things first:

How to Execute a Successful PR Campaign:

  1. Document, document, document! The first step toward brand recognition and credibility is to document anything and everything that showcases your company’s talents, accomplishments and individuality. This can be done via press release, blog post, feature story, landing page, article, photo gallery, and should include coverage of:
    • Company accomplishments (big and small)
    • Community contributions
    • Highlights of your company’s unique attributes
    • Company events and celebrations
    • Client relations
    • Client successes, etc.
    • Partnerships
    • Announcements
  2. Get a Social Media strategy. Since one of the main purposes of a PR campaign is to send prospects to your website, you’ll want to use social media to get them there. Every press release, article, blog, etc., should be advertised through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., with a link back to your website. This link is key. Social media is also a great way to personalize all your announcements and get instant feedback from clients and prospects.
  3. Be prepared to handle spikes in traffic and convert prospects. The only way to do this is to ensure you have a professionally designed site that allows people to find exactly what they are looking for when they want it. Also, a call to action should be on each document and web page, and displayed prominently.
  4. Hold your horses celebrity wannabes. Even the most well thought out PR campaign won’t bring your company instant fame and fortune. One story of community involvement does not a superstar make. Remember, it’s the consistency that builds your credibility.
  5. Network. A key element of your PR campaign is to network with everyone that is relevant to your brand, reputation, community, etc. Personal connections can rocket your brand faster than any online fan base. Of course, this includes making friends with the local press and contributing information when relevant.
  6. Apply for business awards, etc. Local magazines and other community organizations are constantly looking for ways to showcase upcoming talent. If you’ve been documenting your company’s accomplishments/contributions then applying and receiving an award will be easier than you think.
  7. Contribute to local publications. This will involve targeting specific publications relevant to your goals and audience.
  8. Always measure your results to determine if you’re making a true return on investment.

We’re Hitch!

At Oozle Media, we can give your brand and reputation the jump start it needs by managing your online brand through our various internet marketing skills: SEO, social media, Utah web design and development, PPC and call tracking. Leave it up to us to make you popular and get OOZLED today!

Oozle Media Apr 26 2011
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