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If Your Brand Needs a Boost then it’s Time to Grow a Mustache

A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar. -English Proverb.

A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar. -English Proverb.

Like the CD Walkman, Anthrax and ruffle socks, all fads have their place in this world. They’ve either gone completely out of style or evolved into something much more hip, and due to our fast moving society it can be impossible to know where the trends are going.


So, how do you keep your brand from falling waste side with the trucker hat or the Rubik’s cube?

While it’s true that current events form future trends, most of us don’t have time to keep up with what’s going on socially and environmentally with both business and consumers.

But, that’s okay! All you need to do in order to stand out is simply reinvent the wheel. Hey, Madonna does this all the time. How hard can it be, right?

Give your brand a boost by bringing back these ‘Blasts from the Past’:

  1. The Mustache— These days, the stash has a pretty bad rap. Yet, the mustache has been around since before the days of the Ancient Egyptians and  we think it’s time to bring it back.  I mean think about it: the only king without a mustache in the deck of cards is the King of Hearts.  This very fact leads us to believe that with the right kind of care and attention, the mustache can become the Next Big Thing!
  2. The Personal Handshake— American politician, David Paterson, said it perfectly: “Our country was founded on the basis of individualism, where people were encouraged to have beliefs, to have dialogue and flesh their problems out in public…. What happened to the handshake? What happened to somebody’s word?”
  3. Face to Face Communication—As internet connoisseurs, we love most everything about the digital world except the fact that email, Facebook, texting and Twitter are slowly bringing an end to face to face communication.  As business professionals, we look forward to looking our clients in the eye and discussing whatever is on their minds.  Okay, maybe it’s hard for them to keep a straight face when one of us is sporting a full on mustache, but you get the point.

Stay relevant with Oozle Media

If you want to stay relevant you need to hire us.  As your PR internet marketing firm, our job is to ensure that your website is always wearing the right clothes and knows what the cool kids are talking about. We are your Utah web development experts and if you want to get GOOGLED you have to get OOZLED!

Happy Mustache Monday from all of us at Oozle Media and remember: a mustache is a terrible thing to shave!

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Oozle Media Apr 18 2011

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