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A Simple way to become a Successful Person

How do you spend your time?

Have you ever thought about keeping a journal of your time? May sound tedious and even ridiculous? Well according to successful professionals keeping a small journal of how you are spending your time throughout the day can make you a successful person as well as professional.

If you have ever tried losing weight you know that one of the most important steps is recording what you eat. Recording how you are using your time, is a similar concept. Recording in a food journal everything you eat helps you to become more conscious of what you are consuming.

Time is Money

If you record in a journal how you are spending your time, you will be more conscious about wasting time. If you see written on paper that you are spending three hours a night watching television and other tasks need tending to, you will more likely decrease that wasted time.


Many of us will catch ourselves saying, “I just don’t have time for this.” What we will also catch ourselves doing is wasting time on things that don’t HAVE to be done. Most things that we think HAVE to be done, really don’t matter. If we think we HAVE to stay up late worrying about something that will happen the next day. What is the point of worrying? Worrying will not fix anything it will only make things worse.

Try to prioritize your time so that you are combining tasks. For example, you need time to yourself to relax and get away from the hectic world so you watch your favorite television show. This is not something you should feel guilty for. The best way to go about watching your favorite television show is to add another task you may have to your television watching.

You can fold laundry while you watch television, you can record your show and do your work out or daily jogging while watching your favorite show. There are endless possibilities on how we can create more time in our day and eliminate wasted time.

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