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5 New and Trending Must-Have Apps

If the relationship between you and your smartphone is growing stale or you’re just looking to add a little spice to your life, it’s time to update your phone will all the hottest apps the world has to offer. From filters to todo lists we’ll help get you and your smartphone back to your initial ‘love at first sight’ moment.

1. Vine
Category: Social Media
Price: Free

WHOA! Don’t leave yet! We know what you’re thinking, ‘not another social networking app!’ Trust us, we felt the same way. After making an extensive list of pros and cons to adding another social media app to our phones we’re so happy we did because Vine is a ridiculously fun and easy app. Vine, is essentially, Twitter for video, and is the best way to see life in motion. Vine users create short (and we mean short!) six second videos posts that play automatically while you scroll through the app. The videos are on an infinite loop and keep playing while they’re focused on your screen making the app sweet and simple. While not fit for business marketing it is an entertaining and beautiful app for sharing snippets of your life with friends and family.

2. PicFX
Category: Photo and Video
Price: $1.99

If you’re looking to heat up your relationship with Instagram PicFX is a must-have app. We’re obsessed with Instagram, but we thought it was time to step up our photo editing swag. With over 100 filters and frames this app lets you layer as many effects on top of each other as you want by introducing the ‘add another’ function. If you are, or just want to be red-hot on Instagram, PicFX will instantly become your go to photo editing app.

3. Badland
Category: Games
Price: $3.99

This award-winning atmospheric action adventure platform is the most beautiful game in the world of apps. What on earth does that mean for you? Well, Badland is an eerie sidescroller game where you guide a nondescript fuzzy puffball through creepy and perilous environments. The controls are simple and each level contains obvious objectives, making the game accessible for everyone. With hasty strategies and unique power-ups Badland is bizarre, full of mystery, challenging, and intriguing. The game’s amazing ambience and intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative level design may make it the best looking game of 2013! If you’re looking for a new way to pass time while waiting in line at Starbucks, Badland is the game for you.

4. Weave
Category: Productivity
Price: Free

If you need your phone to be more than just a selfie photo booth then it’s time to turn it into your personal assistant. Weave is a beautiful and easy-to-use free app that will help you take control of all aspects of your life. Weave will help you organize the projects you’re working on at your job as well as all of your hobbies at home. It enables you to keep your data synced between all your Apple products and helps you prioritize your projects and todos. As an added bonus the app keeps track of how much money you make and spend on each project, and can even share your projects with your coworkers.

5. Road Trip App List
Category: List
Price: Varies

This is a special gift from us to you. Summer is approaching and there is no better time to pack up the car, grab your friends, and take a road trip. Under the photo and video section in the iTunes App Store you’ll find a curated list of essential apps for any road trip. The list is chock full of apps that can help you create a playlist, pack your suitcase, and hit the open road with it’s collection of travel, navigation, and photo apps. From the National Parks App by National Geographic, Postagram Postcards, Gas Buddy, to Oh Ranger! Park Finder, all these apps will help make your road trip both entertaining and efficient.

By Jes Doucette

Oozle Media Apr 25 2013
Categories: Social Media

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