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4 Reasons You Need Google+

So the web has been in an uproar with Google+ lately, so we’re going to go ahead and assume you’re in the cool kids club and have heard of Google’s foray into the social media ring.

It seems people either love the new challenger to the social media throne, or they don’t care about it.  Here are 4 key reasons we feel we need “The Plus” in our lives.

  • We win either way: Remember how stupid phones were before the iPhone? You don’t? Well they were. And let’s say all those stupid phones were social media sites before Facebook.  We didn’t realize how bad they were until the beautiful new iPhone, or in this case Facebook, came into the picture.  Then along came Android challenging the iPhone and it has sparked a battle for the top spot. Bottom line, competition is great for the customer.  Whether or not Google+ is going to rise up and crush the mighty Facebook giant isn’t necessarily the issue. Either way, it’s lighting a fire under Facebook.  The challenger is making the company better the service, innovate, and adapt. The days of lazy unrivaled social media are over.
  • Get out of my room, mom!!: Let’s be honest, the whole Circles thing is pretty great.  Facebook sort of has an awkward way to categorize your friends, but no one uses it and it’s not very effective.  Circles are great because you can choose to only have Mom see the family reunion pictures of you and hide the ones of you one-footed surfing on the back of a motorcycle down the freeway.  Also she can follow you, but you don’t need to follow back. No more “repost this status or it means you hate America” statuses clogging your stream and making you feel guilty.
  • Tech and Business: Tech and business nerds, we finally have a place to play! The Plus’s group chat feature is unrivaled right now. It’s simple, easy, and useful. Huddle is another innovative communication method. Now, you can coordinate your Call of Duty gathering on the go with your entire clan in a single conversation thread.
  • The Name: Zuckerberg started Facebook from the bottom. We all saw The Social Network; we know how it went down. And of course, it grew up to be the monster it is today. However, as of now it’s still just a social media company. Google is everywhere.  Search, Chrome, Android, Docs, Music, Gmail, and now Plus. My shampoo contains Google in the ingredients. This means a social media site with extreme integration and simplicity across the board. . Now whether or not we want Google taking over our world even more is another story. Skynet, the company from the Terminator films, started as a search company too*.

*Okay, we don’t know that, but we assume.

by Kody Probst

Oozle Media Jul 18 2011
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