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Jay Powell Dec 12 2016

Does your business have a video on YouTube? Video not only helps potential customers but it also ranks higher on Google than most blog articles. So having a video of your business is key in finding future clients. Here are 4 steps to help your video get views! Step 1: Keyword Research The first step is…

Whitney Rosen Aug 24 2016

A feature on this month’s Oozle Employee of the Month!

Steven Potter Steven Potter Jul 19 2016

PokemonGo isn’t just attractive to Pokemon lovers. Businesses across Utah are tapping into the crazed audience using interesting and fun marketing tactics to take part in the fun, and gain new business. Here’s a round-up of Utah’s best PokemonGo marketers.

Kristen Roberts Kristen Roberts Apr 24 2015

Don’t just tell your story – show it! Users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media. Since most people don’t have a full-time design team at hand, making graphics can be a burden. But it doesn’t have to be! Just bookmark this handy guide full of resources, tips, and tools…

Brig Atwood Brig Atwood Apr 08 2015

This article is for Web Designers and Developers whose goal is to create clean, consistent, harmonious websites by using a grid system. While there has been much written on the topic of Grid Systems, the purpose of this post is to explain the practical advantages of using the grid in your designs. We won’t go…

Cassie Costner Cassie Costner Feb 16 2015

Follow these five tips for successful content marketing to improve your content strategy, ensuring the content you produce has a positive impact on your business.