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Oozle Media May 21 2020

Watch our webinar replay on the impact of Google reviews, plus a little more insight on our reviews training for beauty schools that is part of Beauty as a Business. You might be surprised to see the impact reviews can actually have on your business. Check it out!

Becky Banks Sep 27 2017

Approximately 70% of a customer’s mind is already made up before they ever make their first call to a business they are researching. Reviews and how you respond to those reviews play a huge role on that 70%. Around 90% of people read reviews before deciding on which business to go to. Customers read reviews…

Chris Linford Apr 27 2017

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who uses Google+?” or even, “What’s Google+?” Beauty schools that are using this social network are benefiting from it in a HUGE way! By doing these three things, schools are seeing lifts in overall website conversion rates, as well as lifts in overall website leads, and this is happening without even changing anything on your website! Crazy, right?!

Dajana Perkovic Apr 22 2015

Oftentimes when money, effort, and time has been put into marketing; a company may not think much of acquiring reviews, especially companies who already have happy and satisfied customers. But in today’s world a review from a customer is an extremely important aspect to have, it’s something that can make or break your company. Even…