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Oozle Media Nov 15 2011

As industry experts, we’re passionate about ensuring our customers and prospects understand what they’re up against when it comes to finding the right marketing agency because we want to be your internet marketing partner 10 years from now. We’re also passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses succeed because we are a small business….

Oozle Media Oct 24 2011

  Here at Oozle Media, your utah web design experts,  we recognize that being prepared for the new frontier in advertising is just as vital to your company as being prepared for the zombie apocalypse. You might think that having a weak Internet presence can’t possibly be as bad as hordes of the hungering undead….

Oozle Media Oct 13 2011

In November, Oozle Media’s CEO, Scott Linford, and President, Travis Ashby, will battle it out for the ultimate title: Fittest Executive. The Fittest Execs program, hosted by Utah Business Magazine, highlights business leaders who are setting an example of healthy living for those around them while focusing some well-deserved attention on those that take fitness…

Oozle Media Aug 08 2011

One of the most important aspects to running any successful internet marketing business is teamwork and communication. All departments, such as your SEO, PPC, Social Media, need to be able to effectively communicate amongst themselves and with each other in order for processes to run smoothly and efficiently.  If you want to be the #1…

Oozle Media Aug 03 2011

Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC), can be a tricky way to generate leads. You need well done landing pages, relevant keyword bids, and effective ads. If you’re not using this service though, you are missing out on huge amounts of new traffic. In a month, we helped bump our client Beeline Pest Control’s traffic a…