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Oozle Media: Curing Infected Websites One internet marketing Bullet at a Time


Here at Oozle Media, your utah web design experts,  we recognize that being prepared for the new frontier in 281794_10150745724355637_669775636_20113622_3430672_nadvertising is just as vital to your company as being prepared for the zombie apocalypse. You might think that having a weak Internet presence can’t possibly be as bad as hordes of the hungering undead. It’s actually worse.

Unlike zombies, your potential clients can actually think for themselves, they have needs that go far past just a basic hunger for brains and you’re actually trying to attract them rather than flee in terror. Your customers are online, comparing you to all your competitors, right this minute. If your website is ugly, hard to find, or just plain not there, you might as well be running screaming from your new customers. Luckily for you, your Utah web design experts have a plan. 

Step 1: Are You A Zombie?

Is your site hideous, filled with broken links, images that don’t work, with a decades-old design? Don’t let your website be one of the undead online, shambling around, lunging at people who want nothing to do with them. If you don’t want your clients to avoid you like the plague, it’s time to strategize. Real zombies can’t be cured, but with the right tools, it’s never too late to salvage your business’s online reputation. And even if you’re not quite a zombie yet and the problem seems small, remember that it doesn’t take long for the infection to spread and get out of control in today’s fast-paced world.

Step 2: Gather Weapons

Now you need to gather the tools you need to survive. At the first sign of widespread zombie infection, you’ll want guns, ammo, and supplies. When it comes to your business, you need a fantastic and informative website, great SEO, a social media presence and, most importantly, a team of allies to help make this all happen.

Step 3: Locate Friends and Family

Obviously you’re not going to make it alone. Once you’ve got your tools and you’re on your way to being cured, it’s time to rally your friends and family behind you. That’s where Oozle’s social media department comes in. Sure, in the real zombie apocalypse you want to keep your head down as much as possible, but you want to stand out as much as possible in the world of online marketing. We help you find all those friends and get them to support you, which in turn boosts your site’s visibility everywhere.

Step 4: Cure the Infection, One Bullet At a Time

If you were surrounded by zombies, keeping calm and taking them out one at a time is the only way to go. Of course there’s no bullet in online marketing, let alone a magic one that’s going to instantly shoot your business to Number One. But if you want to cure your website’s infection, you do it one conversion at a time. Through products like Google Places and Yelp, targeted advertising, PPC and more, we help bring people to your site and convert them into clients.

We are your Utah Internet Marketing experts! GET OOZLED TODAY!

–Courtesy of Cheryl Andrew, our fabulous programmer and Zombie Apocalypse Connoisseur.

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Oozle Media Oct 24 2011
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