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How to Dramatically Increase Leads with Paid Search: An Oozle Media Case Study

Dave Kunz, our PPC director, attributes all his success to his daily regime of upside down push-ups at the office.

Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC), can be a tricky way to generate leads. You need well done landing pages, relevant keyword bids, and effective ads. If you’re not using this service though, you are missing out on huge amounts of new traffic. In a month, we helped bump our client Beeline Pest Control’s traffic a substantial amount. How substantial? Let’s see!

General web and call increase

From June to July, Beeline Pest Control has seen a dramatic increase in calls. Dramatic to the tune of an 80% increase.  Web traffic has seen a similar increase with an 85% bump.  Now, it is summer time and one could argue a large portion of this increase could be attributed to the seasonal nature of the business.  Nobody wants bugs around the pool or patio. Calls and traffic increasing at such a similar rate seem clearly correlated. But what about PPC?

PPC increase

Calls driven specifically from the dedicated landing page (or squeeze page) rose a staggering 112%! Even compared to the already substantial rise in general calls and web traffic, a 112% increase is clearly a much higher proportion.  Squeeze page calls rose 32% higher than overall calls. This shows what a success the strategy used in the PPC department can be.

Do you want to bump your PPC traffic over 100% in a month?

Of course you do! Don’t worry, your Utah paid search experts at Oozle are here to help with affordable packages and month to month contracts. Get Oozled today!


Oozle Media Aug 03 2011
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