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Category Archive: PPC

Dave Smith Dave Smith Mar 25 2015

Backed up? Wishing your internet was more “regular?” Tired of sitting on the toilet for hours and hours waiting for your streaming video to load? Sounds like your internet consumption needs some fiber. Great news, Google Fiber just announced that Salt Lake City is the next city to be receiving gigabit internet via their fiber…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Aug 03 2012

After being on both sides of the fence I now know how beneficial having an intern and being an intern can be. From my experiences, internships are a win-win situation and here’s why, in two parts, students and businesses. Part 1 – For Students In my last year and a half of college I tried…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Apr 05 2012

Why PPC Matters Pay per click is a form of targeted online advertising that allows advertisements for your business to show up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. When used correctly, it is one of the most valuable tools for those wishing to establish an online presence for their business. Some of the…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Apr 02 2012

What is a squeeze page? A squeeze page is a landing page on a business’s website that is designed to drive leads on an impulse from a potential customer. Squeeze pages are called “squeeze” pages because they squeeze the user into a funnel to completing a lead, and do not allow the user to stray…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Aug 03 2011

Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC), can be a tricky way to generate leads. You need well done landing pages, relevant keyword bids, and effective ads. If you’re not using this service though, you are missing out on huge amounts of new traffic. In a month, we helped bump our client Beeline Pest Control’s traffic a…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Aug 01 2011

If you walk down the hallways of our Oozle Media office, chances are you’re going to hear someone drop the F-bomb. That F-bomb is the word “foos.” We’re not talking people Mr. T would pity or Dave Grohl’s band; we’re talking the table soccer sport. Foosball is a way of life at Oozle Media. From…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Jun 15 2011

The purpose of a landing page is to generate leads from the traffic brought in by your search and paid search campaigns, and a well thought out landing page can double your monthly conversions.  How do you build one? Just follow these 6 simple steps: 1. Provide a valuable offer that will entice visitors to…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media May 25 2011

For many of us, “scoring” a kiss or date with our high school sweetheart was difficult. Scoring a spot or goal on our favorite high school sports team? Impossible. Luckily, we’ve since outgrown our oddly shaped noses and our need to be the school “stud”. But even as mature business men and women, it can…

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Oozle Media Oozle Media Mar 24 2011

Here at Oozle Media, Foosball is strongly intertwined into our internet marketing world. In fact, we play so often some might even say we need a full on Foos intervention, but this is beside the point. We find that Foosball is a great way for both our CEOs and the “little people” to relax.  Also,…

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