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Haley Sotelo May 06 2019

In the beauty school industry, reaching prospective students and growing are key factors of success. At Oozle Media, we are proud of the marketing work we have done with these schools and are ecstatic to have seen them receive recognition at this year’s SPEC Conference in Florida.

Dave Smith Nov 15 2016

If you’re a website owner, this is important for you. In fact, everyone that depends on Google for traffic to their website should be aware of a shift towards mobile Google announced and is currently testing.

Dave Smith Oct 26 2016

Facebook and Google are at it again. The 2 giants once again find themselves racing to solve a problem from 2 different angles (and with 2 slightly different, slightly selfish motivations). This time it’s the way we consume content, specifically on mobile devices. Today we’re going to talk about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)  and…

Patrik Connole Sep 23 2016

What is the Google “Possum” Local Ranking Update?   Welcome to another Oozle Update, today we’re covering Local Rankings and the mysterious “Possum Update”.  To be clear there hasn’t been any official word from Google about local rankings although they did announce today that Penguin 4.0 went live mid September. Regardless, there has been a…

Dave Smith Aug 12 2016

Hey Guys Welcome to Another Oozle Update, Today I’m going to cover why the SEO on your website might not fit Google’s current algorithm, or better said may not be optimized for how Google now ranks websites, and I want to give some direction on what you can do about it. Who is This Update…