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Dave Smith Apr 01 2015

You already buy your books, media, groceries and basically everything else from Amazon, now they want you to buy your home services from them too. All I ask is that it’s not drones cleaning my gutters.

Jené Robinson Dec 09 2014

In today’s increasing Digital Age, social media and mobile apps are the newest sensation.  Not only are they trendy but they have revolutionized the marketing industry.  You and your business can use social media to increase leads, customers, and advocates for your company.  Honestly, Instagram may not be ideal for every business. Depending on your…

Dave Smith Nov 24 2014

When we approach business owners about customer reviews programs, we sometime inadvertently set off some PTSD, and with good reason. Customers are much more likely, when un-prompted, to leave a bad review instead of a good one. In fact, a customer will on average tell 7 people about a bad experience with a company and…