Dentist Website – How to Optimize in Google and Other Search Engines

Many dentists are unaware and even mislead of what it takes to optimize their website in Google and other search engines to increase their clientele. Dentists who rank for local keywords and keyword phrases are more likely to grow their practice than dentists who rely on referrals and traditional forms of advertising.

Why a Dentist Website is Not and Can Not be Optimized

First, dentists need to come to the realization that if their website is not coded correctly, or built search engine friendly, it will most likely never rank in the major search engines, because a very important part of showing up in any of the search engine results pages (SERPs) is how the website is coded. A good way to tell is to right click on any page within the site and choose “view page source.” After this is done, you will see how the site is coded. This will look like another language that is hard to read, and that is what it is – another language! If the following are seen quite often, then the site is built in tables and will most likely never be optimized:




This is just one of the most basic things to look for. Most sites with this coding probably do not have a link building and keyword strategy. These sites will also most likely not have enough content that is written for both the reader and the bots. There are many factors in getting a dentist website ranked in Google and other search engines and that is why dentists or dentist’s marketing managers need to contact a professional search engine optimization (SEO) company. These SEO companies know Google’s algorithms and what it takes to code and rank a dentist website.

How to Optimize a Dentist Website

Contact a professional! Just like individuals should go see a dentist for dental problems, dentists should go see or speak with an SEO, web development company for website optimization problems; however, be careful of who you choose. When shopping around for good SEO companies, do not just determine the winner based off price – you get what you pay for. Here are some other good tips in choosing a proper SEO, web development firm:

  • Make sure the SEO company tracks conversions (phone calls, form submissions, live chats, etc.), not just rankings
  • Ask for evidence of SEO success for other companies
  • Try to determine the reputation and experience of the SEO firm in consideration
  • Avoid hiring a freelance SEO “expert”
  • A variety of industry experience is a good thing
  • Look for a custom SEO proposal, because not every industry is the same
  • Ask if regular reporting is part of their program
  • Ask if the SEO is out-sourced or in-house (in-house is best)

Building a dentist website search engine friendly and optimizing it correctly for the right keywords can dramatically increase search traffic and business for the owner of it. Let the SEO companies do what they do best and let the dentists do what they do best.


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