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Kristin Meyer Mar 21 2018

Oozle Media is happy to announce that we are in Google’s top-tiered agency support program! What does this mean? This means we are among the top agencies in the United States for Pay Per Click (PPC). Google decided this based on: Account Performance – how well our ads were doing. Spend-Level Management –  how we…

Chris Vaughan Mar 08 2018

If you’ve ever spent time in Las Vegas, you know there is a tremendous amount to see and do! Beyond that, the casinos are brilliantly designed to lure in and trap visitors. Each hotel casino is connected with the casinos next to it, allowing starstruck visitors to lose themselves in wandering wonderment for hours on…

Ellie Tippetts Jan 30 2018

In 2018, it seems like more and more beauty bloggers are popping up each day. It’s the career everyone wants: play with makeup, hair, and clothing each day while getting paid to show it off? Sounds too good to be true. But for beauty bloggers like Lilit Caradanian and Nikkie Tutorials, this is their reality….

Steven Potter Apr 21 2017

Your marketing is going to involve content writing. You could pump out average blogs, or you could use these 10 tips to make them great.

Bret Parkinson Apr 06 2017

We examine the differences between cost per lead and gross margin contribution and how each contributes to your bottom line.

Whitney Rosen Jan 25 2017

How to lose your marketing company in 10 days. Really.