10 Tips for Great Blog Writing

You’ve probably heard by now just how important blog writing is in the marketing world. Without it, what would we promote on social media? How would we keep SEO from tanking? How would we give our current and potential customers important information that they need? Not to mention the loss of calls-to-action that could generate inbound leads. The structure and strategies you apply determine the value of your blog’s content. It’s the lifeblood of the internet and great blogs need to use best practices for the best results. Below is a list of important items that should be considered every time you sit down to write a blog.

Set Your Goal

What is the message of the content and what are you trying to tell to your readers? Is there a purpose to this text or is it just fluff? What do you want the reader to do or take away at the end of the piece?. Make sure you can answer all of these questions prior to writing.

Create Structure

Every post needs to have structure with an intro (introduce topic), body (main message: the meat), and conclusion (summarize important ideas or deduce a new idea). You can then label each of these sections with what will be discussed.


Headings not only structure your whole page but they also add readability and are important for SEO. It is easier for Google to give your post a ranking if it can easily grasp the main topics. Subheadings will help lead readers through your article and again help make the structure of the article more clear. Subheadings are a good place to add in keywords.

Let Someone Else Read It

Prior to publishing your post, let someone else read it first. This is a good time to ask if the main idea is clear and to check for format errors, spelling errors and grammar.

Optimize the Length & Topic

Make sure your articles have a minimum of 300 words. A good tip: Try to mention your search terms in about 1-2 percent of your text. Google also looks for topical consistency so just by keeping your content on focused around the top you’ll have better content.

Link Internally to Your Website

By linking to other blog posts on your website—like this post on Snapchat for business—or to other internal website pages, you will make your post stronger and website more authoritative. Your link structure is also important when it comes to rankings on Google. By linking to other authoritative blogs and pages on the site you also create the opportunity to convert the reader into a sale.

Add Content Regularly

Consistently adding helpful information to your website will show Google that your website is alive and active. This also appeals to the readers expecting new posts and gives you more content to share on social platforms.


Incorporating keywords into your blog is important for SEO optimization. The purpose of a blog is for people to read it, right? The best way to have people see it is by including words that Google ranks high and include them in your blog. Remember to use keywords your company specializes in, with a low-competition Search rate.

Effective Images

Images are great for helping break up the content in your blog post to create a better flow for the reader. Images make the text less intimidating and more appealing to read. A good image can depict the mood of your blog. Be sure to include your keywords in the alt-text of your images for better SEO rankings, too.


A strong and clear call-to-action (CTA) is vital to have in every blog post. Without a solid CTA, people will have a hard time converting on the landing pages. Think outside the box when including calls to action to better your chance of conversion. A good blog will have CTAs throughout, such as invitations to read other blogs about a similar topic, or contact the company with any questions.

We know that you will be a great blog-writer, because in today’s day and age you have to be. Website traffic depends heavily upon well-written blogs that are able to answer searcher intent, and you can better answer their inquiries by following these tips. Think you maybe don’t have enough information to begin writing your own blogs? We can help with that, so just give us a call at 877-986-6529! (See what I did there?)

Steven Potter Apr 21 2017
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