10 ChatGPT Prompts to Level Up Your Beauty School Operations

Parker Dickens

Director Of Accounts, Oozle Media


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Many of the other presentation pages are a near one-to-one transcription of their respective presentation. Much of my session was done via screen recording and makes much more sense to watch in the video above. That said, a summary of my presentation and associated downloadable content can be reviewed below. 

Exciting Times in AI and Beauty Education

Unlike previous years where I used polished slides, I chose a more hands-on approach by sharing my screen directly with ChatGPT. This method, though less polished, allowed for a real-time demonstration of AI’s potential and pitfalls, offering both humor and learning opportunities along the way. I’m sure by the time that this goes out here on the On-Demand library, some of the things I’ve shared could already be out of date. But that’s the exciting part: right now we’re seeing the technology the worst it’ll ever be. It’s only going to get better from here. And I want to share a couple ways that we can use it today in the beauty school world.

ChatGPT: A Game Changer for Beauty Schools

During the summit, I explored several ways beauty schools can leverage ChatGPT, focusing on both free and paid versions. The paid version, at $20 per month per user (at the time of my presentation), offers enhanced features like image generation, better support, and integration with tools like CRMs, providing a broader database and deeper customization options. 

a table depicting the differences between the free and paid versions of chat GPT, highlighting image generation and better support as the primary benefits of the paid version

Practical Applications of AI in Beauty Education

I demonstrated real-time use of ChatGPT to create engaging and compliant content for beauty school operations. For instance, I showcased how to craft a personalized email for student recruitment, reflecting the unique benefits of our programs while adhering to compliance standards. This practical demo highlighted AI’s ability to speed up content creation without sacrificing personalization or compliance.

If you’ve got a good marketing partner, be that in-house or an agency, this is going to be what they should be doing. They should be using this tool only as a basis or foundation to jump from, and then their expertise is going to elevate whatever the output is. The experts use the base to add value, allowing them to move faster and provide more value. Never rely on AI to do 100% of the marketing that your school needs.

So to give you actionable applications for ChatGPT, what I did was create two prompts for each of the following school operations: 

  • Student Recruitment: Harnessing AI to tailor marketing strategies and communication, making the recruitment process more efficient and personalized.
  • Engagement: Using AI to create interactive and engaging learning experiences that cater to individual student needs and preferences.
  • Content Creation: Leveraging AI for the development of relevant, timely, and SEO-optimized content to enhance online visibility and attract prospective students.
  • Customer Service: Implementing AI-driven tools to provide immediate, 24/7 support to students, answering queries and offering assistance without delays.
  • Alumni Relations: Utilizing AI to maintain and strengthen relationships with alumni, encouraging lifelong learning and networking opportunities.

Pro tip: Before trying any of these prompts, tell ChatGPT you need help with your beauty school operations and then describe as much as you can about your school. Include things from your home page and program pages. You can paste in the whole page without worrying about formatting, it can parse through the data. Let ChatGPT do the heavy lifting for you. 

Student Recruitment
  • Generate a list of targeted digital marketing campaign ideas to attract students interested in advanced beauty techniques.
  • Craft a personalized email template for prospective students showcasing the unique benefits of our beauty school programs.
Student Engagement
  • Create an interactive quiz that helps students identify their strengths and suitable career paths in the beauty industry.
  • Create one assignment that encourages students to apply what they’ve learned in practical, real-world scenarios. This could include creating video tutorials, writing blog posts on beauty topics, etc.
Content Creation
  • Provide SEO-friendly blog topic ideas that address common concerns of beauty school students.
  • Generate engaging social media post ideas celebrating student success stories and school events.
Customer Service
  • Draft responses to the top 5 frequently asked questions by prospective beauty school students.
  • Develop a chatbot script that guides users through the enrollment process based on their interests.
Alumni Relations
  • Generate an email campaign to update alumni on new courses and invite them to exclusive webinars.
  • Create a strategy for an online networking event that encourages alumni to share industry insights and career opportunities with current students

These prompts can also be found and downloaded here, or viewed below. 

Engaging with AI: Tips and Tricks

Throughout the presentation, I shared tips on making the most of AI tools like ChatGPT. I emphasized the importance of starting interactions with clear goals and providing detailed context to get the most relevant and effective outputs. Another effective strategy I shared was our Compliance Guru we made. A chat bot that takes information gathered over the years from our clients, the Department of Education and NACCAS, that can check content for compliant and give guidance where needed. While this tool isn’t currently available to our clients, it is just one of the many ways Oozle Media is able to provide more value for your marketing dollars. 

The Future of AI in Beauty Education

As we look ahead, the potential of AI to transform beauty school operations is immense. From student recruitment to alumni relations, AI can streamline processes, enhance engagement, and improve overall efficiency. However, it’s essential to balance automation with a human touch to ensure that communications remain personal and true to the school’s brand.

Conclusion and Continuous Learning

The summit was a fantastic opportunity to explore the intersection of AI and beauty education. By sharing real-time interactions with AI, I hoped to demystify the technology and encourage more schools to explore its potential. As AI continues to evolve, staying updated and adaptable will be key to leveraging its full potential in educational settings. I was able to even use AI to review my presentation and help write this summary! 

It was a pleasure to present at this year’s summit, and I look forward to continuing the conversation about the role of AI in enhancing the educational experience and operational efficiency of beauty schools.

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