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Missed some sessions? Want to watch your favorite speaker again? You’re in luck! Here are the recordings of each session you can refer back to whenever you’d like.

Keynote: Leveling Up Your Admissions Processes with Expert Admissions Panel

Laura Traxler, Amy Tewell and Rob Thatcher

This session is for owners, directors, and anyone else involved in the admissions process. We'll have three different admissions experts answer tough questions. They'll give insight on things related to:

  • what are the most important metrics/stats/KPIs to track and why
  • when to hire the next person or when to let a rep go
  • what should you prioritize
  • how to motivate others and yourself
  • the dos and don't on a tour
  • and much much more related to admissions!

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Unveiling the Power of Soft Skills for Your Students' Future Careers

Megan Comunale, Canvas Me

Join us for an illuminating presentation tailored for beauty schools that are eager to unlock the secrets to success in the competitive world of beauty marketing.

Discover how soft skills can elevate your students' careers, from building rapport with clients to crafting compelling marketing campaigns. Learn practical strategies and actionable tips on integrating essential soft skills like communication, empathy, and creativity into the marketing approach.

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10 ChatGPT Prompts to Level Up Your Beauty School Operations

Parker Dickens, Oozle Media

Unlock the transformative power of AI in education and marketing. This compact yet multi-faceted presentation will guide you through leveraging ChatGPT to revolutionize key areas of your beauty school operations, including Student Recruitment, Engagement, Content Creation, Customer Service, and Alumni Relations.

Discover actionable ChatGPT prompts designed to enhance operational efficiency, foster engaging learning environments, and streamline communication. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your institution with the latest in AI technology.

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Collaborative Coaching

Daniel Dunworth, Pivot Point International

Join Pivot Point for an immersive presentation on the unparalleled power and influence school owners wield when they embrace the role of a Mindful Coach.

Learn how to cultivate a culture of trust, collaboration, and accountability by adopting a coaching approach to leadership. Discover practical strategies for unleashing the full potential of your team members and fostering a sense of ownership and commitment.

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The Budget Balance: How to Find the Right Google Ads Budget for Your School

David Steiner, Oozle Media

In this presentation, we'll explore what factors influence a successful Google Ads budget for your beauty school.

Join us as we look at how to tailor to your school's budget to your unique characteristics. From navigating market competition to dissecting your lead-to-enrollment rates, we'll explore the key factors that influence budget decisions. Discover how to maximize your leads, boost enrollments, and achieve a healthy balance between investment and return. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your school's digital strategy and paint a brighter future for your beauty education institution!

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Digital Glam: Harnessing Technology for Personalized Connection in Beauty Schools

Violet Tamayo, LeadSquared

Learn about the various proven communication strategies to help your future students take the next step in their careers. Learn about lead nurturing, creating follow up tasks, social media retargeting, and all of the steps it takes to win over your best students. We’ll share how technology can assist you to do more with less.

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Fitting Social Ads into Your Marketing Strategy

Chelsea Owens, Oozle Media

Join us for an illuminating presentation that unveils the transformative role of paid social ads in the beauty school marketing funnel. Dive into the glamor-filled realms of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and more, discovering how strategic ad placement can enhance brand awareness, engage beauty enthusiasts, and drive enrollment.

Learn how curating visually stunning campaigns, harnessing data for personalized insights, and drawing inspiration from real success stories within the beauty industry will elevate your beauty school's digital presence.

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The Omnichannel Edge: Mastering a Prospective Student's Journey

Patrik Connole, Oozle Media

We'll delve into strategic approaches for beauty school owners to seamlessly navigate the prospective student experience. Learn how to leverage omnichannel strategies, providing an unparalleled edge in shaping potential student journeys. Discover the art of engagement, influence, and seamless searches that sets your beauty school apart, ensuring a transformative and successful enrollment process for prospective students

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How Your Students Can Use AI to Gain More Clients

Stephanie Carter, Beauty as a Business

As your students prepare to journey out into the professional world, knowing how to market themselves as beauty professionals is key. They have a powerful tool in AI to help them be more efficient and productive as social media marketers. We'll share prompts and examples of how your students can leverage AI to gain new clients and build their book of business.

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Shifting Paradigms: Embracing Perspective to Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Jessica George, Milady

Perspective influences how we tackle obstacles and win opportunities. How is your perspective today impacting your tomorrow?

Learn how to cultivate a mindset of curiosity and adaptability that allows you to embrace change with confidence and resiliency. Considering not only paradigm shifts within our perspectives but also how students and instructors view things and how they view themselves in the industry can drive positive change in your organization and beyond.

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Is Your Website Worth It? Understanding Web Costs

Becky Banks, Oozle Media

In this engaging session, we dive into the heart of what makes a beauty school's website truly effective. We'll explore

  • the delicate balance between investing in quality and managing costs
  • unraveling the truth behind the age-old question: Is paying less really saving you money, or is it costing you valuable leads?.

Choosing an agency, website builder, or freelancer can make all the difference in building your online presence.

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Level Up for Profitability with Benchmarks

Jared Sanders, Lightheart, Sanders and Associates

We will walk the path a school needs to take to effectively use benchmarks to increase profitability. We will discuss how to organize your profit and loss in a way to effectively identify areas of concern and opportunity. Lastly, we will review some of the key points from the LSA Beauty and Wellness School benchmarks and share a few key findings.

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Keynote: Marketing Q&A

Oozle Media Speakers

Join us for the finale at the Beauty School Summit, featuring a dynamic 30-minute panel Q&A session with Oozle Media's experienced director team and moderated by Stephanie Carter, our COO.

As part of our "Level Up" summit theme, this session assembles Oozle Media's directors to share invaluable advice and forward-thinking strategies tailored for beauty school excellence. Tapping into questions from our community, we’ll delve into advanced marketing, operational enhancements, and growth tactics to help you ascend to the next level. This is your chance to interact directly with industry pioneers and unlock actionable insights that can transform your institution.

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