The Benefits of Internships Part 2- Businesses

Starting an internship program not only benefits students but also the businesses that start them. Internships can be a year-round recruiting tool.

For many, the process of recruiting and hiring can be a drain on company resources. Appeal to tomorrow’s staff members when they’re looking for internships and all you have to do so choose the best of the bunch when it comes time to hire.

Great Way to Sample Talent

Hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate his or her potential as a full time employee. A new employee may make a great impression during an interview but may fail to mesh well with your company’s culture.

Starting an internship program lets you benefit from added manpower while more accurately assessing candidates.

Increase Productivity

Setting up an internship program allows you to take advantage of short-term support. The extra set of hands that interns bring helps your employees be more productive. Take advantage of that short-term help. Interns also help prevent employees from becoming overburdened by side projects as well as free them up to accomplish more creative tasks.

Also, take advantage of low cost labor; interns are an inexpensive resource. While their wage requirements are modest, they’re among the most highly motivated members of the workforce.

Giving Back to the Community

Creating an internship program and working with local colleges and universities is an excellent way to give back. Hiring interns not only helps students in your community it helps enhance the local workforce.

Bigger, well known companies may have the recognition, but most students looking for internships expect that they’ll be able to gain more hands-on training with smaller companies, which benefits local businesses.

In terms of today’s workload and tomorrow’s workforce, starting an internship program is an excellent way to facilitate success within your business.

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Oozle Media Aug 10 2012
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