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Instagram 101

Whether you’re hitching a ride on the Instagram bandwagon or you’re looking to revamp your account, we welcome you! Instagram is such an easy way to share your life with friends and family, or just the trendy way to share what you’re eating and what your cat looks like with your glasses on. It’s time to embrace the world of Instagram! Get your smartphone and lo-fi ready; we’re going to get you set up.

Baby Steps

First, you’ve got to download the app. Once you’ve done that and created a username and password it’s time to ‘gram! Instagram gives you the option to select photos from existing albums on your phone or to take real time photos in the app. After snapping (or selecting) your photo Instagram gives you an array of creative filters you can use to enhance your (admit it) boring picture. If you’re unsatisfied with the filters that Instagram has provided try downloading an additional photo-editing app (see our post here) and take your creativity to the next level. After selecting your filter it’s time to get trendy with your words.


#great #instagood #picoftheday #badhairday #beautiful #scary #trendy This symbol #, which your grandparents will recognize as a pound sign, is now the base for a new Internet language called the “hashtag”. Hashtags help connect words or phrase with photos or videos on social media sites to help users quickly find posts that they’re looking for. For example, if you have a picture of your cat wearing oversized glasses you can put #cat #glasses #hipster etc. If you use ‘trending’ hashtags (hashtags that are particularly popular) other people on the site will be able to find and like your photos! It’s an easy way to receive more likes and followers. If you’d like to tag your friends in a post, use the @ symbol. This helps them receive more traffic, or direct, their attention to your new post.

The Unspoken Commandments of Instagram

The following commandments will help you look like it was your destiny to be an Instagram star. They are serious, and if they are not followed, all of us will unfollow you…probably.

1.Thou Shalt Not Post More than Once a Day
You do not want to annoy your followers! One post a day is key. You’ll also receive more likes if you only have one picture for your followers to focus on. Don’t overwhelm your following; you’re so much cooler than that.

2.Thou Shalt Not Use More than Five Hashtags Per Post
Limit your hashtags! Yes, you want more followers, but you also don’t want to look desperate! And overload of hashtags on your photo definitely screams Stage 5 Clinger.

3.Thou Shalt Not Mimic @JustinBieber
To find success in the world of Instagram do not, we repeat, DO NOT have every photo you upload be a ‘selfie’. You will be unfollowed so fast if you bombard your followers with three ‘duck face’ selfies in a row, girlfriend.

You’re Ready

You’ve completed your Instagram education and now we set you free! Follow celebrities, companies, friends, and family. Download and experiment with extra photo editing apps to increase your creativity and make your photos stand out from the crowd. Use hashtags to connect other users to your awesome ‘grams. Link your account to Twitter and Facebook so that you can be sure everyone you know sees how creative you are! Good luck, we hope to see you on the popular page!

By, Jes Doucette

Oozle Media May 01 2013
Categories: Social Media

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