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Facebook’s Timeline and Small Businesses


An online wedding is in progress and your business has been invited. No, it’s not a bizarre Star Trek wedding that you’ve seen on YouTube, it’s a blossoming relationship between Facebook’s new Timeline and up and coming businesses.

What is Facebook’s new timeline?

Essentially, the new Facebook Timeline is a webpage that allows people to see your entire business as a whole. This means they can see the progress of your business from its beginning stages, all the way to the present day and the growth it’s experienced. You can list articles and stories on your timeline to also showcase what’s in store for your future.

Each business can describe what they do with the About section and then transitions to all your content that is front and center on the Timeline that shows stories, articles, pinned information, photos, etc. It’s anything and everything someone would need to know about a business, right there on Facebook. Or, you can intrigue people with your content and have them visit your website for more details and information.

What can my business do with Timeline?

So much. Facebook has done well to create a Timeline that is informational with businesses, while keeping the functionality very user-friendly:

* Feature or hide your stories

* See all activity

* 7 day preview period (you will have one week to edit and review content before it goes live on your Timeline page)

* Cover photos

* Featured pins (stories and articles that are and will remain at the top as showcased content)

* Arrange and rearrange different page articles

* Insert stories anywhere on your timeline

* About section

* Administrative panel

* All content is front and center to see

* Direct messaging with fans and customers (provides a private medium to correspond with each and every customer. This personal and private touch goes a long, long way.)

Are there any Timeline downsides?

Sure, nothing is perfect, but we’ve found these limitations to be pretty minimal when it comes to business success with the Timeline:

* Lack of visible recent activity

* Shrunken status updates by third-party applications

* No more default landing tab

* Only 3 usable custom tabs

* At this time, recent posts by others aren’t featured

* No featured “Likes”

* Smaller profile photos

Because our professional and experienced staff here at Oozle Media is so savvy when it comes to Facebook, social media, and your company’s online success, we can help you through all of this! Consider us your personal seeing-eye-dog with opposable thumbs.

Facebook’s Timeline is great for SEO

A great tool for the Timeline is relating your Facebook Open Graph Tags by optimizing them with your search engine optimization keywords that you used on your website. This will help Google and other search engines to recognize the significance of your links and associate your Timeline content with your website content.

With SEO, the more people can share and recommend your business, the more people will be able to utilize your services and products. With the millions of individuals on Facebook every hour of every day, what better audience to connect with?

It’s time to reach your business’s social potential!

If you’re serious about your business and its online success, the proper use of Facebook’s Timeline is a great way to start. Let us at Oozle Media help your business with what it wants most: online success. Show how much your business has to offer by connecting with the biggest social media platform available today. Your business will thank you.

-Vince McCullam

Oozle Media Mar 23 2012
Categories: Social Media

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