Do Small Businesses Need A Website?

One of the biggest advantages Oozle Media has is that we track results with phone call tracking and Google Analytics.   This allows us to track results for online sources and use call tracking to measure the effectiveness of all their off-line campaigns such as phone book, billboard, newspapers, and magazine.  The majority of our clients receive the best return on investment for online campaigns than any of their off-line campaigns.

Our clients can clearly see that Google provides them the greatest results and obviously provides their greatest return on their investment.  Most of our small business clients receive the majority of their phone calls and leads from their website.  Their website represents their companies brand and provides reduced customer service cost by providing customers easy access to contact information.

Google For Nothing And Your Clicks Are Free
Just because a small business has a website, it doesn’t guarantee success.  A website is not an atm machine that you set up and hot leads pour out.  The keys to success for small businesses is to provide a website that is professional designed with user-friendly navigation and content.  Websites with blogs receive 55% more traffic and receive 97% more inbound links than sites without blogs.  The clients that are the most successful have an ongoing SEO program and use pay-per-click advertising.

Ongoing Local SEO
Google uses over 200 factors to rank a site for particular keywords.  They are constantly changing their algorithms and small businesses don’t have time to read a dozen SEO blogs to keep up with the changes.   Ongoing SEO program consist of onpage optimization, onsite optimization, and off-page optimization.  It also includes content development, videos, photos, social media, and ongoing link building.  An ongoing SEO program can provide excellent return on investment and provide a constant flow of traffic, calls, and leads.

Pay-Per-Click For Small Businesses
If you spent a dollar and made 3 or 4 dollars would you spend a dollar?  This is what PPC offers and most of our clients are receiving excellent ROI (return on investment) and is one of the leading traffic providers.  PPC campaigns can be targeted to state, county, and cities for small businesses to target the keywords your clients are using.

The obvious answer is that small businesses need a website to survive in this competitive market place.  Oozle Media can show hundreds of examples from various industries how small businesses have been able to stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t provide a return and started investing in profitable online campaigns.

Oozle Media Oct 08 2009
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