Companies Giving Back to Community

For any business, even in this modern day of traditional and social media marketing efforts, it can be difficult attracting attention of the public, potential customers and clients. No longer can companies sit around and wait for the public to flock to them and inquire about their services.  Businesses need to be proactive in making connections with their community.

A way a company can increase their recognition is by performing community service. By giving back the community, a business can make an impression and have community members remember them for their service.

A community connection is important to help businesses stand out.  Community involvement changes everything in allowing the public to see what a company’s values are. By showing support for the community a company provides service to, a business opens the doors to:

  • Building trust and customer loyalty
  • Rallying customers and the public around shared passions
  • Making a valuable and lasting community connection

Becoming involved shows community members that a company cares. The notion of caring then becomes a part of a company’s identity.

With the holidays coming up soon, there are many volunteer opportunities for businesses to lend a helping hand in their surrounding community. During this time of year, many people are in need and depend on the kindness of others.

A few community service projects that businesses can help out with around the holidays include:

  • Hosting a clothing or canned food drive
  • Hosting a safe Halloween trick-or-treating night for children
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving
  • Donating a Christmas tree to a nursing home, hospital or family in need

Community service does not just have to a once a year service for a business. Finding an active service once a month for a company to do provides more opportunities for a business to be involved with their community

Businesses that make the excuse of not having the time to take part in community service will not have the benefits that a company that does actively do community service will. Cutting a check might seem like the easy way to make a difference, but it does not allow a business to be visible to the eye of the community. It is important to get personally involved in some of the volunteer opportunities available in the community.

The hands-on approach will allow a business to get deeper into knowing their customers and community and the problems it may face. Community service involvement lets a business see the work that they put into making life better. This benefits a business in more ways than just increase of customer traffic and profits. It allows a business to provide something that impacts their community in a positive way.

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